Mother’s Day. Wine tourism in Rueda


Mother’s Day. Give the gift of wine tourism in Rueda. This visit consists of:

  • Welcome and photo souvenir of the visit
  • Explanation next to the vineyard
  • Route through the winery
  • Commented tasting of 3 wines with views of the vineyard and local sausage tapa
  • Magnum bottle of Finca Montepedroso

Price for 2 persons: 42 €.

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Mother’s Day. Wine tourism in Rueda. Finca Montepedroso is a magnificent extension of 25 hectares, located in the heart of the municipality of Rueda. With stony and rustic soils where the vine finds its raison d’être and where it is able to offer a wine with the personality of the best terroir of Rueda. In addition, it is located on a plateau at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and has three types of soils characteristic of a region located in the central sector of the depression formed by the Duero River. This is why Finca Montepedroso produces the best wines of the region: a representation of the authentic spirit of Rueda.

A natural and sustainable environment, so that in Finca Montepedroso, we open the doors to wine tourism and offer different types of guided tours with wine tasting.

For Mother’s Day, what better gift than a complete visit to Finca Montepedroso. We will explain our philosophy, the characteristics of the estate and the region and we will finish with a tasting of the most authentic verdejo plus 2 more wines accompanied with a tapa. Buy this ticket valid for 2 people and we will send you a gift voucher for the beneficiary to call us and reserve the day and time of the visit. On this Special Mother’s Day visit, after the visit you will receive a bottle of
magnum bottle of Finca Montepedroso
for you to enjoy it wherever and with whomever you want.

We will be delighted to welcome you and show you the wonders of this great estate, Finca Montepedroso.


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