Finca Antigua is located in the municipality of Los Hinojosos, in the extreme southwest of Cuenca (97 kilometers) and a few kilometers from the province of Toledo (138 kilometers to the capital). The latter is the same distance that separates the small La Mancha town from Madrid (less than an hour and a half), which makes it a very accessible destination from the capital of Spain.

Los Hinojosos is part of the Route of Don Quixote and it is not even ruled out that it was precisely the “place in La Mancha whose name…” Cervantes did not want to remember.

Windmills and farm fields characterize the landscape of the area, a step away from El Toboso and other towns such as Belmonte, Mota, Villamayor de Santiago and Quintanar de la Orden, with a very typical gastronomy such as gachas manchegas, ratatouille, cocido manchego, migas, grilled lamb, meat stew, sweet porridge or donuts.

The history of Los Hinojosos holds a curiosity. In the year 1241, Don Gonzalo, Bishop of Cuenca, fulfilling the mandate of the King of Castile, Fernando III, finished setting the border between the Councils of Alarcón and Uclés. As the border line crossed El Hinojoso, the town was divided into two zones: one passed to the Council of Alarcón and the other to the Council of Uclés of the Military Order of Santiago.

That decision gave rise to two independent municipalities: El Hinojoso del Marquesado and El Hinojoso de la Orden, separated by a street about forty feet wide. At present it is a single village, with a single town hall, the result of the union of the two localities separated capriciously by the feudal lords.

Ruta del vino de La Mancha