The future of wine is now

Familia Martinez Bujanda has been totally immersed in an extraordinary period of expansion for the past ten years, in which we have laid the foundations for one of Spain’s largest winegrowing projects.  Now, Familia Martínez Bujanda is approaching a new phase with the objective of consolidating and giving meaning to the investments made in order to have a direct presence with the winery’s own vineyards in the principal wine regions of Spain.

“The future of wine is now”.  This is the simple yet unequivocal message that we have transmitted to our network of national distributors, whom we consider to be part of the Martinez Bujanda family. This took place at the convention we organised the first week of June at Finca Antigua, a unique setting with singular vineyards. It had been seven years since the previous convention and Familia Martínez Bujanda had a lot of news to share.


We began in La Rioja, with Finca Valpiedra, our flagship wine where, following its official opening in 1999, we embarked upon the arduous task of parcelling out the land in order to define our principal product, Finca Valpiedra Reserva.  In 2007 we launched Cantos de Valpiedra; our second wine from the estate which, as our distributors know very well, has become one of the most honest and competitive Crianzas in the region of Rioja.  Finca Valpiedra, with its sustainable, virtually organic vine growing, is now one of Spain’s leading estate wines. Just as Carlos Martínez Bujanda reminisced at the convention, “…we were pioneers in restoring that differentiating message, of wines linked to the terroir and in understanding that wine is really made on the vine…”

At Finca Antigua, also following a long and intense task of parcelling out the 421 hectares of vineyards, we have redesigned our family of wines within this portfolio, so as to offer a more modern image via offering our customers more accurate information. The single varietals are now Crianzas made from a single vineyard, and the range is completed by a Crianza Único and a Reserva which feature different grape blends according to the criteria of our technical team. Estate wines and vineyard designated wines produced using sustainable vine growing enables us to satisfy the palates of virtually all consumers.

The father of Carlos and Pilar Martínez Bujanda, the current generation at the helm of the wineries, devoted his life to buying and joining together vineyards in La Rioja, and in 2008 his children decided to create a new winery, Viña Bujanda in order to produce wines from the 120 hectares of vineyards which maintain the most classic, traditional Rioja range. In addition, Cosecheros y Criadores, the winery in Oyón attached to the Vinos de La Tierra and Vinos de España labels, has made significant investments in bottling and technology in order to make straightforward wines aimed particularly at the international markets.  As well we redesigning its labels so as to modernise and improve its image. In 2010, we began operations in the Rueda region with Finca Montepedroso. Here our intention was with recovering the authenticity and character of the Verdejo grape. Our white wine comes from a unique estate and is now one of the leading wines in the Castilian wine region.


The Familia Martínez Bujanda project has now taken on real meaning. Our “raison d’être” is the vineyard. Spain is now trying to review its own recent history and look back at the forgotten player of the twentieth century: the vineyards and singular terroirs. “We must not imitate that which we seek to create,” said Carlos Martínez Bujanda, quoting the French cubist painter Georges Braque: “That is what we seek to do at Familia Martínez Bujanda, to create, starting with the inimitable personality of our own vineyards, wines which reflect the roots and environment of where they are grown”.


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  1. Ignacio

    Tenéis un vino riquísimo ….espectacular !!! Enhorabuena !!!!.

    1. Familia Martínez Bujanda

      ¡Gracias Ignacio!

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