135 years of love for the land

135 aniversario Familia Martínez Bujanda

The link between Familia Martínez Bujanda and the love for the land goes back to 135 years of history, to the very origins of its first winery in Oyón, Álava. Where Joaquín Martínez Bujanda, great-great-grandfather of the current fifth generation, was already clear about the need to make wine from his own grapes. A maxim that we keep in force, under the banner of creating estate wines. In short, wines that transmit the qualities and characteristics of each of our terroirs in the glass.

It is easy to understand the bond with the land of any winery, since it is the one that provides its livelihood, but in the case of Familia Martínez Bujanda it goes much further. Quality wine begins in the vineyard and, therefore, it is in its care that we must put all our dedication and effort. No wonder we like to repeat a family maxim: “if we have learned anything in these 135 years is that nature rules, so we must take care of it and pamper it as it is our main guarantee for the future of our vineyards”.

In the field there have always been many uncertainties and even more nowadays with the climate change we are suffering, but there are also certainties such as that the present goes through organic production, something that Familia Martínez Bujanda has been working on for years. For giving back to the field what it gives us. An optimization of resources, of circularity of all productive activity, which allows the reduction of waste and especially its continuous use, as we do when using our pruning remains as fertilizer.

Our love for the land is one of our hallmarks, we care with perseverance and affection for each hectare, each vine and each cluster.

As always, environmental care is an example of this. A priority that has been present in all strategic decisions taken. From the location of the estates, where they were not only based on the best terroir for winemaking practices, but also for the protection of the surrounding ecosystem. An example of this is Finca Antigua, where of the total 1,000 hectares, less than half (421) are vineyards, the rest is a natural enclave with native fauna and vegetation to be preserved.

Likewise, the location and orientation of the wineries and their facilities respond to a common pattern, which seeks the highest energy efficiency, as well as to blend in with the landscape, using local materials for their construction, as in the case of Finca Montepedroso.

The care includes many other measures, such as the implementation of solar panels for the use of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic; the creation of a water reservoir that takes advantage of rainfall and reduces water consumption, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, etc.

A sustainable and earth-friendly path to excellence

All this has led us to obtain, at Finca Valpiedra, the “Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection” certification, a seal awarded by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) which, in addition to approving good environmental practices, also covers social, economic and governance sustainability criteria.

135 years after starting this journey in the production of estate wines, our goal is to ensure that, in another 135 years, the enclaves that welcome us will continue to be unique natural sites for the enjoyment of all.

We can only invite you to discover them, come and visit us and enjoy an immersive experience in landscapes where nature offers us all its splendor.

We are waiting for you!

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