A new edition of the Tertulias del vino arrives in Madrid

Next Wednesday, April 10, a new edition of the Madrid Wine Tertulias will be held, a tasting with some of the finest Spanish wines accompanied by an original pincho. The Hotel Husa Madrid Paseo del Arte hosts this new edition of the new “tertulias”, which are led by experts in the world of wine and gastronomy.

On this occasion, four wines will be tasted at the tasting, a rosé wine, two red wines, and a sweet wine from Familia Martínez Bujanda with its Finca Antigua Moscatel Dulce, accompanied by the pincho cucharitas de foiegras on apple compote of Puturru de foie.

These gatherings are aimed at a non-professional public, lovers of good wines, but not necessarily experts or even initiated, it is only necessary to have a palate and an open mind ready to discover the best way to enjoy a wine in all senses. The registration fee is 15 €,

An original initiative, promoted by EntreVinos and based on the successful format that has been held for more than six years in Pamplona. In addition to Madrid and Pamplona, this activity takes place in Barcelona and is intended to be repeated every month and bring together a larger audience on each occasion.

They will be led by José Antonio Cruz, member of the Spanish Tasters Union, President of the Spanish Association of Wine and Gastronomic Tourism and director of the EntreVinos Agency.

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