Carmen Casero visits Finca Antigua

The Minister of Employment and Economy of the Government of Castilla La Mancha, Carmen Casero, has highlighted during her visit to Finca Antigua, the excellent facilities of the winery together with the effort and work of Familia Martínez Bujanda to promote wine tourism and bring visitors to the area.

During the visit to Finca Antigua, the Minister was accompanied by the Delegate of the Junta in Cuenca, Rogelio Pardo, the President of the Provincial Council, Benjamín Prieto, and the Mayor of Los Hinojosos, María Gloria Bobillo.

Casero visits Finca Antigua in Los Hinojosos (CU). Photo Juan Echagüe/jccm

For Casero, the good results in tourism are being possible thanks to wineries such as Finca Antigua, “which is doing a great job in wine tourism, thanks to its first class facilities, fruit of the work and effort of Familia Martínez Bujanda, who have been able to develop high quality wines and facilities that aspire to reach 8,000 visitors this year”.

“Finca Antigua is an example of the rich heritage of wine tourism that our region can offer, within the largest vineyard in the world that is Castilla-La Mancha, which has 17 Pagos and appellations of origin elaborated in more than 600 wineries, of which 71 are visitable.” Casero also highlighted the perfect “marriage” between wine culture and the experiences generated in all the wine tourism facilities, which make Castilla-La Mancha an increasingly appreciated international destination, not only by wine enthusiasts, but by all those who want to learn about the winemaking process from the vine to the glass.

In this sense, he invited all tourists to “experience the sensations that only Castilla-La Mancha can awaken, thanks to the fusion between our wines, our cultural and natural heritage and our rich gastronomy”.

After the visit to the winery, the group enjoyed several wines, including Finca Antigua Moscatel, in the new social area “La Casona”, inaugurated last year.

And so ended a day in which everyone highlighted the good work of Finca Antigua.

We encourage you all to come and visit us.

Tourism in Castilla La Mancha
Casero visits Finca Antigua in Los Hinojosos (CU). Photo Juan Echagüe/jccmAccording to data from the Ministry of Employment and Economy of Castilla La Mancha, wine tourism has contributed to the increase during the first quarter of the year by 5.8 percent of the number of visitors to Castilla-La Mancha, and by 0.8 percent of overnight stays, if we compare the figures with the same period of 2013.

A total of 359,235 people visited the region between January and March 2014, compared to 339,505 in 2013. This figure is particularly positive considering that at national level the figures have fallen by 7.5 percent year-on-year.

In the case of overnight stays during the first quarter of the year, they amounted to 571,598, compared to 566,671 during the same period of time in 2013, while in national terms the decrease was 6.4 percent. In his opinion, “these data become much more relevant if we take into account that Easter 2013 took place in the month of March”.

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