“Cycles” arrives at Finca Antigua

The work Ciclos by sculptor José Antonio Olarte, created in 2009 as the main piece of the exhibition commemorating the 120th anniversary of Familia Martínez Bujanda, lands at Finca Antigua, where it occupies a privileged place in the winery.

The work of the Jarrero sculptor José Antonio Olarte, has arrived at Finca Antigua and can now be enjoyed at the entrance to the winery, in the water basin in front of the main door.

was one of the pieces that the Riojan sculptor created in 2009 for the 120th anniversary of Familia Martínez Bujanda. It was the main protagonist of the exhibition that could be enjoyed at Finca Valpiedra. With it, Olarte wanted to represent the four cycles in a winery: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The seasons, the trajectory drawn in outer space by our planet, the force needed to bend matter, the time that tells us that we are part of the universe, give meaning and form to this piece.

Until this past March,
remained in the main staircase of Finca Valpiedra. Pedro León, responsible for Marketing and Communication of Familia Martínez Bujanda explains the reason for the change of the winery: “The sculpture Cyclesis closely related to Finca Antigua, with the philosophy of the winery and even the firm’s reserve wine has the image and name of the sculpture: Ciclos de Finca Antigua. It is for this reason, because of this conjunction of art and wine, that it is most reasonable that the sculpture was at Finca Antigua.

For Finca Valpiedra, José Antonio Olarte has prepared another work that occupies the space of
a sculpture closely linked to the winery and to one of its most iconic elements, the meander of the Ebro River.

The play is entitled
The River
and has been inspired by the Ebro as it passes through Finca Valpiedra. In the sculpture, the river, which can be seen from the viewpoint of the winery, is represented occupying the entire space of the staircase. In the work, the piece that simulates a river becomes visible on the left side and disappears through the stone on the right side of the staircase, in the same way that the Ebro appears on the left side of the viewpoint, flows along Finca Valpiedra and disappears to the northeast on its way to the Mediterranean.

the entire river

Iron and wood, the materials of which it is made.
The River
represent everything that happens (or at least support it) in the waterway. Floods, level changes, areas of rapids (impressive rapids), color changes, beach. There are four pieces in the work, pieces that are part of the philosophy of Finca Valpiedra, adding to the visual perception the idea of linkage to the four seasons.

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