Family wine tourism with Familia Martínez Bujanda: ‘The Enchanted Vineyard’.

Spain is the country with the largest vineyard area in the world. The cultivation of vines is key to avoid the desertification of the territory, beyond the business of winemaking or wine transformation. Familia Martínez Bujanda has been a pioneer in wine tourism. Visiting our wineries in Rioja (Finca Valpiedra), Rueda (Finca Montepedroso) and La Mancha (Finca Antigua) allows you to get to know the character of our wines and, at the same time, discover authentic vineyard landscapes that we try to ‘bottle’ in our elaborations. The European Day of Wine Tourism is celebrated on November 13, a date that our wineries celebrate with a welcome wine at the beginning of the visits.
In La Rioja, the vineyard has been part of popular culture for two millennia and one need only look no further than the local proverb to find many expressions that have been transposed from the language of wine to the language and cultural heritage of the region.
Familia Martínez Bujanda will launch a new wine tourism experience on Saturday, December 3,
The Enchanted Vineyard
The aim is to disseminate the popular culture of wine among the new generations who, first with the rural exodus and more recently with the digital and technological revolution, have been losing contact with nature, with the vineyards and with the idiosyncrasies of a historic wine-growing region such as La Rioja.
Finca Valpiedra is a wonderful vineyard landscape on one of the great meanders of the Ebro River between Cenicero and Fuenmayor. A spectacular place that will be enjoyed by wine lovers and to whom we now propose a complete family visit.
Elena Arbaizar Santamaría, writer and social educator, is the coordinator of the project ‘El Viñedo Encantado’ (The Enchanted Vineyard). Author of the fantastic bilingual story (Spanish/English)‘Nora, the girl who woke up at the foot of a vine’, she will make us relive that day with the protagonist of the story and with our children magical adventures in the vineyard and the winery.
The two-hour activity begins with an animated reading of ‘Nora, the girl who woke up at the foot of a vine’, with the participation of the whole family. The adults will then visit the winery (with a commented tasting of Finca Valpiedra wines), while the children will go out into the vineyard to learn about its fauna, biodiversity and the differences between the vines before beginning the artistic expression workshops.
Paints, markers, varnishes… are the material the children will have at their disposal to show on paper and on the stones of the vineyard itself, the main distinguishing feature of Finca Valpiedra, everything they have learned together with Nora in our vineyards.
El Viñedo Encantado’ costs 10 euros per adult and another 10 euros per child, with all workshops, materials and an aperitif with must included. The event will take place on Saturday, December 3 at Finca Valpiedra. Don’t miss it!
Reservations can be made through: or by calling 628 046 505.

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