Finca Montepedroso, a Verdejo wine that embodies the authentic spirit of Rueda.

Familia Martínez Bujanda has been dedicated to grape growing for four generations, obtaining wines with their own personality and identity. A few years ago we decided to start making white wine. What better place for this than a unique terroir in the very heart of the Rueda DO? At our Finca Montepedroso winery we make a white wine exclusively from Verdejo grapes, with its indigenous yeasts and aged for five months on lees with weekly stirring. In this way we achieve that our Finca Montepedroso is a fresh and intense wine, which gathers the best characteristics of the authentic and best Verdejo wines.
Finca Montepedroso Verdejo is an intense wine, with nerve. Its flavor combines a great volume in the mouth with a balanced acidity that brings freshness. Its aroma has silky nuances with fruity notes of apricot, peach and fennel, mixed with light hints of freshly cut hay and mineral notes. In short, Finca Montepedroso is a perfect exponent of all the characteristics that a Verdejo from the Rueda DO has to show.
DO Rueda, seal of quality
The Rueda DO is a region located in the central sector of the depression formed by the Duero River and includes 72 municipalities, mainly in the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and the north of Ávila. With an average altitude ranging between 700 and 800 meters above sea level, its terrain is generally flat, with gentle relief and extensive alluvial and diluvial terraces on the banks of the Duero and its tributaries.
Its climate is continental, with cold and very long winters, while summers are dry and hot. This contrast causes the vines to have to go deep into the soil to look for water.
It is the first Denomination of Origin recognized in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León and is, above all, a white wine production area.
Verdejo variety
The Verdejo grape has been grown for centuries in the Rueda Denomination of Origin and, although there are no written testimonies, experts agree on the hypothesis that the Mozarabs were responsible for bringing and planting this variety.
The truth is that nowadays, in Spain, the popularity of Rueda DO Verdejo wines is such that both terms are confused among the general public and it is very common to use them as synonyms. However, it should be kept in mind that Rueda is a Denomination of Origin and Verdejo is a grape variety.
Night harvest
Another of the peculiarities of the Rueda DO is that it is customary to harvest at night. The reason for this is that the temperature is lower at night, so the grapes remain firmer and are prevented from being damaged during picking and handling. It should also be taken into account that the grapes rehydrate at night and, therefore, the volume of alcohol in the wine made from them is reduced. In addition, the grapes can be harvested more quickly, so they reach the tanks without losing any of their characteristics.
At Finca Montepedroso, we follow this tradition of night harvesting, which means that our wine has all the characteristics of the Verdejo wines from Rueda.
One of the peculiarities of Verdejo wines from Rueda is that they combine very well with food, since their acidity and bitterness work as a palate cleanser. Our
Finca Montepedroso 100% Verdejo
pairs perfectly with fresh seafood and white fish, and can also accompany dishes such as rice, pasta au gratin and white meats.

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