Get ready for the youngest night with Infinitus

Can you imagine being able to enjoy our youngest wine, in an incomparable environment and surrounded by the best Beatlemania? Well, we have a surprise prepared for you. This July 25, the Infinitus Party will bring together more than 800 people at the Hotel Intur in Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real. This Friday night is the perfect excuse to introduce you to the drink of the summer, Infinitus Moscatel.
It promises to be the party of the summer, and will last from 8:00 pm until 2:30 am. You will be able to taste this frizzante wine from the winery
Cosecheros y Criadores
that stands out for its freshness, versatility and aroma. Another of its qualities is that in addition to its pure consumption, it can be combined in different ways, with lemon or Sprite, to adapt it to your taste and at the moment. For all these reasons, it is perfect for young people looking for a refreshing and smooth drink to accompany the good weather.
In addition, to enjoy as if you were in Liverpool, at the Cavern Club, you can not miss this opportunity to enjoy this drink accompanied by the legendary songs of The Beatlesperformed live by the band All Together Bandwhich will serve as the perfect backdrop to this Mediterranean-flavored event. We are talking about a fruity and sparkling drink with an elegant and modern design in indigo blue and burgundy format, in line with a young and unique personality.
So now you know… Come together…… : -) and don’t forget to immortalize your most Infinitus night on Instagram and through #Infinitus.
Do you want to know more about this wine? Discover why Infinitus is such a special wine:
Infinitus is at the forefront of Spanish wines. A range for people willing to discover new sensations in which internationally renowned varieties such as Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon stand out, along with other more traditional varieties such as Tempranillo.
Infinitus Moscatel is lemon yellow, bright and crystalline with a dense tear that also has the freshness provided by the natural carbon dioxide gas.
Your low alcohol content of only 11%. and its flavor with a long aftertaste with hints of flowers like the rose or the jasmine, and fruits The use of peach and apricot makes it perfect to accompany light dinners based on tapas, appetizers, or oriental food such as Japanese and Indian food.
A wine that helps us to surprise our guests and that fits all tastes as it is easy to drink, smooth, and has a silky and sweet finish.

Its creation process blends pre-Romanesque traditions with the most modern technology. It is made from 50 hectares of vineyards, fermented in stainless steel tanks for only 21 days. After this time, the process is interrupted so that part of the sugar is retained and the natural carbon dioxide gas is preserved.

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