Grape treading and the winepress, fundamental elements of the traditional grape harvest

Until recently, grape treading had been relegated to small, family-owned wineries. However, in recent years it has been resurgent due to the tourist interest it arouses in wine lovers.
The treading of the grapes has been a clear reference and a hallmark of the traditional grape harvest, as it was a fundamental task in the production of wine in the first winegrowing villages.
Later, they realized that it was more effective if it was performed to certain rhythms, so they incorporated background music, and so it became a real party.
Treading is a traditional task that was carried out during the grape harvest and consists of crushing the grapes deposited in a press or wooden container to extract the juice or must. In this way, the must comes out through a small hole and, at the same time, the stems and pulp are separated from the fruit.
The way grapes are trodden depends largely on the customs of each area, but there are a number of unwritten rules. On the one hand, it is necessary to start from the center to the ends of the winepressThe pressure exerted on the grains is sufficient to extract the must without losing its properties, thus favoring contact with the yeasts, which are responsible for the start of fermentation. On the other hand, it can be done barefoot, the best known way and that has been the protagonist of beautiful images in countless films, or with rubber boots.
The truth is that it is a real experience The music that accompanies the task, the views of the vineyard, the texture of the grapes under your feet, the liquid sensation of the must and the aroma that the grapes begin to release.

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