Movie wines, wine movies

You know that wine is not only consumed in the glass…, it is increasingly present in the millennial culture, and there are also more series and movies in which the protagonists drink wine. In the United States and Germany it is already reaching the younger public and celebrities are choosing to drink a good wine rather than any other beverage.
At Finca Valpiedra, we were lucky enough to experience first-hand the Spanish Radio Television series ‘Gran Reserva‘, of which we are proud to have hosted its outdoor filming. We learned a lot and people got closer to the wonderful world of wine.
Well, now, with on-demand television, you can go even deeper. Series, films and documentaries, such as ‘Gran Reserva’, ennoble wine. They come from other countries, from other points of view and tell us the secrets of winemaking, of the terroir, of the trade… A wonderful material to stay connected to wine in these times of being at home.
Here we leave you with our list of preferences so that you can enjoy wine from your screens.

  • It starts with wine (Amazon Prime Video)
  • The Wine Van (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Amigas con Solera (Wine Country, Netflix).
  • The Sommelier (Uncorked, Netflix)
  • SOMM (Netflix)
  • Wine and Drinks Night (SuperCLassico, Amazon Prime Video)
  • Sour Grapes (Netflix)
  • Our Blood is Wine (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Wine Warriors (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Wine Portfolio (Amazon Prime Video)
  • A year in Champagne (A year in Champagne (Netflix))
  • El reinado del Terruño (within the series Podredumbre, Netflix).

And any of them, accompanied by the wines of Finca Antigua, Finca Montepedroso, Finca Valpiedra or Viña Bujanda, will be much more enjoyable.

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