Recipe of the week: Tail in red wine and rosemary aroma

Ingredients: (For 4 persons)

1 ½ Kgs. Of cow’s tail,
2 ½ onions,
3 carrots,
2 nails,
Sea salt (to taste),
Black pepper,
1 sprig of rosemary,
2 medium potatoes,
1 small spoonful of garlic powder,
2 tablespoons of cane sugar,
1 bottle of wine and of this 1 glass (macerated)
One tablespoon of chestnut cream per person.


valpiedra reserva estateFor the oxtail:

Wash the tail with cold water, previously cut and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Place in a bowl with the bottle of wine, the rosemary sprig, the onions, the thinly sliced carrots, and the two cloves.

We let it macerate for two days. Once this time has elapsed, put the pieces in the express cooker with the rest of the ingredients for 30 minutes.

Once cooked, open the pot and let the oxtail pieces cool. Once they are cold, we debone them and reserve the meat. We reserve a glass of the cooking wine, the rest we pass it through the chinois and mix it with the meat, in the necessary quantity to keep it juicy.

For the garnish:

Potato and onion lasagna: cut the potatoes into slices and sprinkle them with the garlic powder. Cut the onion into thin strips, season with salt and pepper and brown in a frying pan. Assemble alternating layers of potato and onion, sprinkling with Parmesan cheese.

Red wine reduction: put the glass of reserved wine in a saucepan and add the cane sugar. Let it reduce to taste.

Chestnut cream: prepare a fairly thick chestnut puree.

Food pairing: Finca Valpiedra Reserva. An elegant and sophisticated wine, intense and complex in color, with black fruit aromas and light balsamic notes after aging in new French oak barrels. A wine that expresses the personality and conditions of the estate.


Finca Valpiedra is a wine that is especially suitable to accompany stewed red meats and mountain dishes such as mountain stew, so this dish of oxtail, combines perfectly with Finca Valpiedra.

A strong dish, which deserves an intense wine, with character and aroma to accompany it. Tasty and sapid, the freshness provided by the graciano makes it a balanced wine and a perfect contrast to the flavor and aroma of the tail and the aroma of rosemary.

This is a laborious and hearty dish that will undoubtedly delight our guests, the best travel companion for Finca Valpiedra.

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