Rioja Alta, the book by artist Juanjo San Pedro and ethnographer Luis Vicente Elías chosen best wine book in the world

It won the “best Wine Book in the world 2013” award at the prestigious Gourmand Book Awards. The book offers a unique journey through La Rioja and the world of wine, in which Finca Valpiedra, along with four other wineries, participates.

Considered the Oscars of wine books, the Gourmand Book Awards were held on May 21 at the DaxingTheatre in Beijing.
Gourmand Book Awards
The Gourmand Book Awards, which have been awarded every year since 1995 to the best wine books in the world, were held at the DaxingTheatre in Beijing. This year, the Rioja Alta book, which had previously won the award for Best Wine Book in Spain, won the highest award in the competition, crowning it as the best wine book of 2013.


Its two authors, the painter Juanjo San Pedro and the ethnographer Luis Vicente Elías, from Logroño, offer a modern and exquisite artistic vision of La Rioja in an album of watercolors where they capture their journey on foot, for more than three years, through the lands of the Rioja Alta, in a tireless search for its essence.

Hand in hand, the narration of the path by Luis Vicente Elías, together with the watercolors and drawings of the painter Juanjo San Pedro. The result is a colorful and impressive land, halfway between the real and the dreamed. Mountains, vineyards, castles, monasteries, the grape harvest, artisans, villages and people… all star in this journey through art in the Rioja Alta.

Rioja Alta is born not only with the aim of delighting the reader, but also as a tool for promoting the Rioja Alta brand around the world, thanks to the great wineries that have participated in this publishing project. Finca Valpiedra, from Martínez Bujanda Family, who were committed from the outset to this project, which serves to publicize the exceptional nature of a land such as La Rioja.

The publication has more than eighty watercolors and drawings in a bilingual edition (Spanish/English), published in watercolor paper and hard cover. It can be found in the stores of the different wineries participating in the project: Dinastía Vivanco, López Heredia, Muga, Carlos Serres and Finca Valpiedray in the painter’s studio.

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