September, the golden season for wine tourism

Wine tourism at any time of the year is a rewarding and enriching experience. If you also enjoy it in the month of September you will find an additional bonus:
the grape harvest.

In September and October, the wineries experience one of their most important and significant periods of the year with the harvesting of the grapes in the vineyard and their subsequent reception at the winery.

Visitors who come during this season will not only visit the facilities, walk through the vineyard or taste the wines, but also have the privilege of witnessing first-hand some of the most important stages of the winemaking process.

In addition to the grape harvest, we reveal some additional benefits of enjoying wine tourism during this special period for our wineries:

The perfect plan to cope with the return to routine

After the vacations and the long summer evenings, getting back to the routine can sometimes be a bit difficult. A weekend getaway to a wine tourism destination can be the solution to escape and relax.

Goodbye to high temperatures

The end of summer is marked by the drop in temperatures, which makes any trip or outdoor activity in a natural environment such as the one in which our wineries are located more appealing.

The wineries are full of life

The wineries and vineyards allow us to enjoy an endless number of activities related to the world of wine: guided tours, grape tastings, tasting of the first must, wine tastings, wine pairings, picnics, events… something that is accentuated during the harvest season.

The grape harvest is lived with the five sensesThe smell of fresh fruit and must fermenting in the cellars, seeing the countryside full of life with the grape harvest and the changing color of the leaves in autumn, tasting the different varieties of grapes from the vine and the final wine tasting, a reflection of the work done with dedication and care.

Tradition and passion in its purest form, which is only experienced once a year, making it an unrepeatable experience. Each vintage is unique.

In the three Familia Martínez Bujanda estates, located in three emblematic Designations of Origin of the country, you can enjoy a wide range of wine tourism:

Montepedroso Farm

It is located in the Valladolid town of Rueda in the incomparable setting of the Denomination of Origin that bears its name. One of the
Grandes Pagos de España
with 25 hectares of own vineyards at 750 m of altitude.

Visit Finca Montepedroso from 12€ per person and get to know its vineyards, its facilities, its wines and enjoy other personalized activities. A unique opportunity to get to know the first D.O. of Castilla y León and the return of the authentic Verdejo.

Valpiedra Estate

Located in the Rioja town of Fuenmayor in the heart of the D.O. Ca. Rioja, in a privileged natural enclave, in one of the meanders of the Ebro River as it passes through La Rioja. It is also part of the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España and has an area of 80 hectares of vineyards.

You can visit Finca Valpiedra from 16€ per person and discover the more than 130 years of winemaking tradition of Familia Martínez Bujanda. A journey to the origins, philosophy and culture through its unique wines.

In addition, you can complete your visit with a 4×4 tour of the vineyard, wine tasting directly from the barrel, or a picnic on the banks of the river, the best way to combine wine, nature and leisure.

Finca Antigua

You can visit it in the town of Los Hinojosos in Cuenca, in the middle of the route of Don Quixote.

An extension of 1,000 hectares at 900 meters above sea level, 421 hectares occupied by vineyards and the rest by Mediterranean scrubland.

The estate offers, from 12€ per person, a wine tourism experience, which can include tastings, tastings, lunches, walks through the vineyard… A visit that you can customize 100% according to your needs.

Culture, tradition and gastronomy

The environment of the wineries is privileged, surrounded by nature in exceptional enclaves. These places have their own culture and history that is combined with a traditional gastronomy.

In short, wine tourism is the ideal option for any time of the year, but in late summer and autumn it takes on a much more special character.

It is the perfect combination of: rural tourism, culture, gastronomy and wine , lots of wine!

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