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This box contains a bottle of each of the varietal wines we grow at Finca Antigua, Los Hinojos, Cuenca. Tasting the different grape varieties, a way to distinguish colors, aromas and flavors of each grape.

1 bottle of Finca Antigua Tempranillo

1 bottle of Finca Antigua Merlot

1 bottle of Finca Antigua Syrah

1 bottle of Finca Antigua Cabernet

1 bottle of Finca Antigua Petit Verdot

1 bottle of Finca Antigua Garnacha


Finca Antigua is located in Los Hinojosos, Cuenca, at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. A farm that is committed to sustainability and care for the environment. Innovative wines are produced, creative wines with body and personality.

This pack is a true reflection of the plots where their grapes are grown and consists of the following fine wines:

Finca Antigua Tempranillo Crianza is a very balanced Tempranillo red wine aged for 10 months in American oak barrels. A complex, long and elegant quality wine with nuances and aromas of red fruits. A good wine, very concentrated and persistent, ideal for pairing with ham, cheese, red meats and white meats.

Finca Antigua Merlot Crianza is a bright, crystalline red wine with powerful floral and toasty aromas. Cherry red in color with violet hues, it is a well-structured and round wine. The aging of the Merlot grape for 11 months in French oak barrels gives it a silky, balanced and very fresh taste. Wine recommended for oily fish, red meats and spicy dishes.

Finca Antigua Syrah Crianza is a red wine made from Syrah, with an intense purple color and aromas of spices, cedar and clove. This Syrah wine stands out for its aromatic intensity of violets and licorice, with hints of ripe red fruits. Crianza wine aged 12 months in French oak barrels to give creaminess, polish the tannin and maintain acidity. Spectacular tasty finish in the mouth, it is a quality wine rated with 90 points in the Peñín Guide.

Finca Antigua Cabernet Sauvignon Crianza is a red Cabernet Sauvignon varietal wine, with a bright cherry color and fresh balsamic and mineral aromas after 10 months of aging in American oak barrels. Robust and well-structured, this elegant crianza wine has well-balanced tannins and acidity.

Finca Antigua Petit Verdot Crianza is a Crianza red wine made from Petit Verdot and aged for 10 months in French oak barrels. It is a good wine of brightness and high intensity with aromas of underbrush, plum and cherry. Elegant and suggestive wine with fine tannins, structured, full-bodied, bright and with high intensity. A tasty wine aged for 10 months in French oak.

Finca Antigua Garnacha Crianza is a red wine made from 100% Grenache, silky, purple color and bright flashes. Fresh wine with complex floral and undergrowth aromas with light toasted notes from 10 months of aging in American oak barrels. Good velvety wine with balanced structure and acidity and a long finish. Wine recommended for pairing with cured cheeses, white meats and legumes.







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