Summer whites by Familia Martínez Bujanda

Something that satisfies us at Familia Martínez Bujanda is that we have a wide portfolio of wines that allows us to offer our customers different options for every moment and for every season. Wine consumption in Spain continues to be very seasonal and, when the summer season arrives, the demand for white wines increases considerably, while in other countries it is distributed more evenly throughout the year.
Spain is a warm country, so no one can deny that when summer arrives we crave cooler wines, so we are going to take advantage of this space to offer you some recommendations of the ‘house’.

  1. Finca Montepedroso: is our Rueda wine, a winery/one wine, the result of our aspiration to produce one of the best Verdejo varietals in the region, with authenticity and without make-up. In this sense, Finca Montepedroso has distinguished itself from the ‘light’ whites with little consistency that can also be found under the same generic seal of the Rueda appellation of origin. When it comes to pairing, Finca Montepedroso also offers more alternatives, as it combines with all the dishes of a summer meal, including white meats, and not exclusively fish and seafood. A Verdejo wine that shows the maximum expressiveness of this grape.
  2. Viña Bujanda and Finca Antigua Viura: in both cases, Viura is the protagonist. This grape variety has been unjustly reviled for its limited aromatic capabilities. However, it offers a consistency on the palate that few white grapes can match and, even without oak aging, it shows exceptional ageing potential. The key is the age of the vineyard and yield control. If you happen to have access to a bottle of Viña Bujanda or Finca Antigua Viura that is not from the latest vintage, open it and you will see what we are talking about.
  3. Finca Antigua Naturally Sweet. On several occasions we have already talked about this wine dehydrated in a natural way by the “asolado” technique. A luxury sweet wine that, when chilled, is like eating bunches of Muscat grapes and ideal for pairing with appetizers and as a dessert in this season.
  4. Infinitus Moscatel. It combines the freshness of natural carbonation with the sweetness of muscatel. It goes very well with Chinese, Indian or Japanese food and on its own, or combined with Sprite or a very fresh lemon soda, it is perfect as an afternoon or even evening drink.

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