Sunset at Finca Antigua, the moment when the sun goes down and the pleasures emerge.

Old farm, sunset in the winery.

There are unique moments, when everything seems to stop around us. Regardless of how long they last, their memory will last forever. These are special occasions in which everything seems to fit, from the surroundings, to the company, the sound, the views… everything seems to be aligned to delight our senses in a special way.

At Finca Antigua we are always amazed to contemplate the sunset on summer days, no matter if it is a spectacle that is repeated every summer sunset, it always captivates us with its beauty. There was only one thing that could make it more special, sharing it with our friends.

Sharing is, in fact, what we like the most, sharing what we do, our vineyards, our love for the land, for our wines. So it was only a matter of time before the opportunity arose to experience with you such a precious moment as watching the sunset over our vineyards.

Last summer we already did it and we were looking forward to this season of the year to be able to do it again. It is always necessary to find these moments of disconnection, to forget everything, to remember what is important.

The nature of the old farm summer atmosphere watching sunset in the vineyards

We wanted everything to be perfect. Nature offers us an unparalleled spectacle, painting the celestial canvas with reddish and orange tones, over the immensity of the vineyard. We simply put the best possible framework, our Casona, where we will do everything possible to make you feel truly at home. We have prepared some dishes to pair with some of our favorite wines, as well as to garnish everything with the live music of a saxophonist, which will allow the enjoyment of the conversation. As you can see, everything is focused on offering you a unique moment of pleasure, so that you have a memory you can treasure forever. The only thing missing is the most important thing: YOU!

Share this text with whoever you want and come and enjoy an unforgettable experience. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Note: Seating is limited, so we recommend that you reserve in advance to ensure your attendance. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of an unforgettable sunset at Finca Antigua, where wine and gastronomy merge to create magical moments. We look forward to toasting together!

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