The new range of Finca Antigua

Worldwide competition, the globalization of wine, is pushing different strategies between those who are committed to growth and volume sales and those who are committed to offering wines with personality, with a guarantee of origin and authenticity. This is not strictly a question of ‘quality’, as you may sometimes hear or read, since there are low-priced wines of a quality perfectly in line with the cost of the bottle, but rather a question of a traceability issuewith the commitment to cultivation and the development and identity of about wines that show what they are, without make-up or artifice, but a reflection of the landscape, the environment and the varietal roots of the grapes from which they come. The latter is the main purpose of Familia Martínez Bujanda‘s project.

After an arduous work of parceling, understanding, and testing, we have segmented Finca AntiguaWe have 40 different plots where we grow our domestic grapes (viura, garnacha, tempranillo and muscatel de grano menudo) and international grapes (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and syrah) to produce our range of single variety crianzas and our Finca Antigua Crianza Only y Reservation. It is an extension of 421 hectares of vineyards, cultivated in a practically limit situation of altitude and with the harshness of an extreme continental climate, which has led us to reorganize the plantation and to adapt each grape, each variety, to the places and soils that we consider most suitable on an individual basis.

Finca Antigua now presents on the market an updated image with a range of wines that provide our customers with more accurate information as a result of a decade of interpretation and study of our own vineyards. Our plot wines, with a rigorous selection of the best grapes and optimum harvesting times, and this information can now be found on our labels. Likewise, this range incorporates the indication ‘crianza’ on the labels since all the wines mature in oak barrels and then in bottle for times clearly above those established by legislation and which we consider necessary to offer the best possible product to our customers. Likewise, the wines that come from plots recognized for their organic production will incorporate the organic seal, although practically all of the estate’s cultivation complies with these requirements.

Finca Antigua Crianza and Reserva are estate wines because they blend grapes from different plots and varieties and from now on the Crianza labels will carry the surname ‘Único’ because it is a unique selection from each vintage that our technical team, headed by Lauren Rosillochoose from the best deposits.

our wine of the peculiar The Pico Garbanzo plot will continue with the same concept of a plot wine made with the unique varietal mix that coexists in the vineyard itself, while Finca Antigua Naturalmente Dulce, made by naturally removing the grape clusters after the harvest, also maintains the same image as in the past.

In all our labels we also include the legend ‘Estate Bottled’, which is a guarantee of origin, of Familia Martínez Bujanda’s commitment to our own vineyards and our customers.

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