The “wishlist” of every self-respecting “winelover”.

For some time now, there has been a lot of talk about winelovers, but who are they? In general, they are characterized by being sybarites, curious and very demanding with everything related to the world of wine.
In fact, winelovers do not drink just any wine, they do not like just any winery, they like to know different brands with or without appellation of origin, they like to discover new labels, they like to know what is behind a wine, what is its history, the age of the vines, the type of soil, what varieties have been used in its vinification, what kind of woods have been used in the aging process… they are even interested in knowing the part related to the image of the wines.
Winelovers are passionate about wines and of course Familia Martinez Bujanda wines, which they buy not only for their own consumption but also as gifts.
And for the most sybarites among the world’s winelovers, here are some different and very, very exclusive suggestions.
Lot Rolls Royce Martínez Bujanda Family

Finca Valpiedra Reserva, Finca Montepedroso and Finca Antigua Reserva, three wines that have been chosen by the illustrious Rolls-Royce automobile company to celebrate its 110th anniversary. Elegance, power and good taste are elements that both brands share and that explain this remarkable union, a recognition of a trajectory, the union of two brands of worldwide prestige. Its price is 70 euros

Langeais wine decanter by Lalique
It is a transparent glass decanter. Created in 1976 by Marc Lalique, this model has become iconic. Its design references both ancient fluted columns and modernist architecture. It takes no less than seven glass masters to create this decanter using the traditional techniques of the soufflé tournament, i.e., turned while blown, and press aspire soufflé, or in other words, pressed-spun-spun. It is priced at 1,100 euros.
Le Nez du Vin’ by Editions Jean Lenoir
This guidebook is designed to develop the sense of smell and better analyze the wines being tasted.
The great book-chest contains, on the one hand, 54 aromas that will come alive in the olfactory memory of any taster and will find a true resonance in the great wines divided into:
Fruity notes, floral notes, vegetal notes, animal notes and toasted notes. 54 game cards that offer a correlation between aromas and wines. It also includes a large number of illustrations that allow you to recognize and learn how to taste wines from all over the world. Its price is 300 euros.
Riedel Sommeliers Series Glasses
Sommeliers is the world’s first collection of wine glassware for specific grape varieties and a design revolution created by Claus J. Riedel, a member of the ninth generation of the family, who perfected the design of the glasses in their essence: goblet, stem and base.
Blown very thin and unadorned, it adheres to the Bauhaus design principle that form follows function. Claus J. Riedel worked with expert tasters and found that wine tasted from specifically designed glasses showed more depth and better balance than wine served in generic glasses. In 1973, the Sommeliers collection gained worldwide recognition. The collection features 29 different glass shapes for wine, champagne and spirits. The price of each glass ranges from 43 to 86 euros.
Custom wine cellars
Wine coolers are the perfect solution to cool and preserve wines with all the care and precautions to keep the bottles in perfect condition for a longer period of time. These are climatic cellars specially designed to achieve environmental characteristics similar to those existing in wineries, with the particularity of being able to design them according to the space and needs of each client.
Enjoying wines at the right temperature, at any time, provides exclusive benefits that allow you to discover all the aromas and flavors in each bottle you uncork. These benefits are achieved by keeping the bottles at the right temperature and humidity. Prices start at 300 euros.
Mini Collector by L’Atelier du Vin
This exclusive handmade solid walnut wood box houses some essential elements of l’Atelier du Vin. On the one hand, le Garçon, the sommelier corkscrew with its curved shapes offers pleasant and efficient handling. The cork opener, which is the simplest and safest way to easily open all types of champagne and sparkling wine bottles. The Modèle 54 is the universal cork that fits most bottle necks. It keeps intact both the aromas and the bubbles of its unfinished wines. The Folio, printed on high quality paper, is a souvenir of the latest best wine tasting notes and includes the main maps of French wine regions. It is priced at 220 euros.

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