A word of welcome
Carlos Martínez Bujanda“Pago is a rural spot or site with its own edaphic and microclimate characteristics that differentiate and distinguish it from others in its surroundings, known by a name traditionally and notoriously linked to the cultivation of vineyards from which wines with unique features and qualities are obtained.” This is how the Wine Law defines these very special spaces where most of the best wines are produced. As president of the centenary winemaking group, Familia Martínez Bujanda, it is a real satisfaction for me to present today to all our friends a new “Pago”, this is not a cultivation site but an Internet site, in which we hope to inform, spread, reflect and share everything relevant to the life and culture of wine in all its forms and all over the world.
Entrevinosypagos.com aims to be a very rigorous space, with its own microclimate that, like true pagos, “differentiates and distinguishes itself from others in its environment“. We hope that it will become a meeting place for experts and connoisseurs and for those who are new to the wonderful world of wine, for journalists and professionals, for the very broad sector of tourism in general and wine tourism in particular. For restaurants, retailers and for all men and women of all latitudes who appreciate the profound and simple pleasure of sharing a glass of wine.
Carlos Martínez Bujanda
President Martínez Bujanda Family

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