What do we call vertical tasting?

A wine tasting consists of tasting a wine in order to appreciate its qualities. Within the world of wine, there are several types of tastings. Although vertical tastings are not the most common for non-professionals, it is worth knowing their characteristics as they are an interesting way to appreciate the evolution of a wine over time.
First of all, let’s differentiate them from horizontal tastings. These are tastings of different wines of the same vintage, i.e. comparative tastings. In this way, we can appreciate the differences between wines from the same winery, region, grape variety, etc. produced in the same year. It is always a curious practice that allows us to evaluate the similarities and particularities of each wine with respect to others of the same vintage. Thus, its objective is to analyze the elaborations of different wine-growing areas, different types or varieties of grapes, winemaking processes…
On the other hand, a vertical tasting consists of tasting the same wine, but from different vintages of a winery. In this way, it is possible to appreciate the evolution over time of that particular wine, the nuances it has acquired over the years, its different and changing characteristics from one vintage to another.
In general, vertical tastings are carried out with wines of great longevity, in order to verify their evolution over time. They are mainly carried out by wine professionals, and one of the variables they measure is the cellaring capacity of the wine in question. They are usually technical tastings, in which many details are analyzed to study how differences in evolution, winemaking techniques, etc., affect the wine. Normally the order of the wines is from the oldest to the most recent, although a tasting can also be carried out from the youngest to the most distant in time, depending on the objective pursued, for the taster it is easier this second order.
Familia Martínez Bujanda, as part of its wine tourism offer, has at its disposal at
Montepedroso Estate
its winery located in the heart of the Denomination of Origin Rueda, the option to perform and enjoy a
vertical tasting
. There are very few wineries that produce aged Verdejos and that offer this type of tasting so interesting. A commented tasting of three historic vintages of our
Montepedroso Estate
on lees, as well as other activities.
Now you know, if you want to try a vertical tasting and increase your knowledge about wine, come and visit us. You will be able to discover an enviable natural environment, while tasting Finca Montepedroso. It will not leave you indifferent, and we are sure that you will repeat with family or friends. An unforgettable experience, typical of an expert.

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