What can you find in a winery?

The vast majority of people, whether they are close to the world of wine or not, know what a winery is. winery and believe they know most of its functions. However, the image that people generally have of them is always the same: a room full of barrels.

A winery, as you know, is the scene of the entire winemaking process that takes place in the different rooms that make it up. Each phase of the process must be controlled and interconnected so that the final result is the desired one. Here is what we have to say the different spaces that a winery has and the processes that take place until a bottle of wine reaches your table.

The vineyard

Let’s start with the essential element for the elaboration of a wine, the origin of everything. Despite being a differential element of vital importance in the production process, not all wineries have their own vineyards and vineyards in their facilities. Familia Martínez Bujanda represents the best example of what it means to have this element as an essential physical support to achieve the quality and identity of a wine.

When wineries do not have their own vineyards, they resort to grapes from external properties. However, it is preferable to have them, since it gives greater control over the vineyard, its care and production.

Grape reception area

In some wineries, the grapes are received at the sorting table and the optimal bunches are selected and enter through the hopper; in others, the grapes enter the winery directly without passing through the table. Subsequently, the destemmingwhich consists of separating the grape berries from the cluster and the crushingwhich is nothing more than the process of extracting the must.

Fermentation hall

This place has a series of tanks where fermentation takes place, that is, the transformation of the sugar in the must into alcohol. The material of the tanks has evolved over time: clay, concrete, stainless steel, wood or stone. Depending on the style of wine, one or the other will be used, taking into account the size and shape of the wine.

The work carried out in this tank room varies according to the type of wine; the process is not the same for whites as for reds.

Barrel room

The barrel room is one of the most recognizable and popular rooms in a winery. This is the place where wines are aged in barrels, usually French or American oak, for a certain period of time depending on the category of wine. The room must have optimum temperature and humidity conditions for the best preservation of the wine.

Bottling room

The final part of the process occurs here. The wine is bottled and corked for storage, in the case of bottle-aged wines, or for labeling, in the case of young wines that are already on the market.

Tasting room

Finally, and within the wine tourism experience of a winery, one of the most awaited rooms is the tasting room. This area is specially equipped for tasting the different wines produced in the winery. It is the ideal place to taste, feel and distinguish all the qualities and nuances of a wine.

As you have been able to see, in a winery we find rooms perfectly connected with a specific mission when it comes to winemaking. In this blog post we’ve told you the basics. We hope we have aroused your interest and we encourage you to experience it first hand.
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