On Valentine’s Day, wine and chocolate, perfect pairing

En San Valentín vino y chocolate maridaje perfecto

Good times come on their own or, we look for them. We are in February, for many, the Month of Love, and February 14, Valentine’s Day, falls on a Sunday so we can celebrate all weekend long. This year we have to celebrate everything!
As a couple or with the family, any excuse is a good one to cook at home or order a menu from your favorite restaurant and of course, accompany it with a good wine. From Familia Martínez Bujanda we want to make it easy for you and we suggest you any of the 3 lots of wines that we have prepared for this occasion, with the most significant references of our estates: Lot Finca Valpiedra (65 €), Finca Antigua Lot (49.95 €) y Montepedroso Farm Lot (53.95 €). Three proposals to enjoy or give as a gift to whomever you want.
In addition, in these lots, we have included a gift box of chocolates from the prestigious firm Jeff de Bruges. Have you ever paired wine and chocolate? We recommend it, it is an explosion of flavor.
White wines accompany chocolate with their citrus and white fruit notes; red wines contribute flavors of red fruits and spices and, when barrel-aged, notes of wood, vanilla, coffee and tobacco.
Choose a white chocolate, which is sweeter and creamier, to pair with a natural sweet wine such as our naturally sweet Finca Antigua, it will highlight its texture and harmonize the sweetness in your mouth. Pair a milk chocolate with a young or lighter red wine, as it will enhance its fruity notes, an example of our selection would be Finca Antigua Garnacha or Finca Antigua Orgánico; and dark chocolate, which is more bitter, will enhance the flavors of the more intense wines. Pair it with a more robust and full-bodied wine, it would be perfect for Finca Antigua Syrah, Cantos or Finca Valpiedra. Try it and decide, your best combination.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with wine and chocolate, the perfect pairing!

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