Wines from own vineyards

Bottling a wine is not the same as making a wine. The concentration of global importers has driven a phenomenon that will continue to grow in the future as these large buyers demand more and more wines of different types and origins from wineries. This has led many companies, and we have numerous examples in Rioja -which, in Spain, are the ones with the best commercial distribution networks- to reach agreements with other companies, normally cooperatives, to bottle their wines as if they were their own. There are also cases of large international groups that, with agreements of this type, are able to offer Spanish wine in their portfolio.
This is what is known in the sector as ‘by/for’ bottling, which, although totally legal and lawful, is far from the concept of Familia Martínez Bujanda’s elaboration in its more than centenary trajectory .
Our group owns vineyards in all the wine-growing areas where we produce our wines because we understand that this is the only way to guarantee the authenticity of our bottles to the consumer. It is difficult to talk about terroir, sustainable viticulture and commitment to the environment if you do not grow your own vines.
As we have already explained on some occasions, our wines are conditioned by the determinations of each climatic vintage and, if it decides to complicate our lives, we make decisions as we did in 2013 with our Finca Valpiedra.
Familia Martínez Bujanda has 200 hectares of vineyards in the DOC Rioja, 80 of them in our large estate Finca Valpiedra, and another 120 hectares from which we make our Viña Bujanda wines .
Our technical team has been working for years in the Valpiedra parceling, in the demarcation of the different plots, in order to determine the optimal harvest times and objectively characterize the potential quality of the grapes according to the soils, the microclimates and the vegetative development of fruit and plant.
We have done the same in Finca Montepedroso (Rueda), where we cultivate 25 hectares of our own land. where our white wine comes from, and in Finca Antigua, with 420 hectares of vineyardsThe diversity of soils, microclimates and grape varieties has required an extraordinary work of identification and classification of plots.
The wine sector, worldwide, is increasingly subject to the imperatives of a globalizing economic process, aided by an extraordinary technological development that makes it possible to “correct” wine-growing deficiencies in the winery, but consumers should know that there are still wineries that are committed to their own vineyards, to respecting the identity and personality of the wines and of the different production areas.. We are in this ‘war’ in Familia Martínez Bujanda.

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