Another wine cliché A ‘white wine’ for Mother’s Day?

A special feast day is approaching, Mother’s Day on May 1, and, as with Father’s Day on March 19, wine becomes a good gift option. There are clichés and archetypes that often lead to error and one of them is usually to think that women prefer light and fresh white or rosé wines, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In this sense, even the wineries themselves have historically been mistaken with this type of perceptions and different studies prove it. One of them was presented a few years ago at the Vinexpo fair in Bordeaux with the conclusion that most women prefer red wine to white and rosé.

The sample was based on a not inconsiderable sample of 10,500 French, British, German, American and Hong Kong women and the result was devastating: 51.1% prefer red wine, while 26.4% prefer white wine and 16% prefer rosé. Attention, moreover, because in the case of women over 46 years of age (and we are thinking of mothers) the preference for red wine is overwhelming (58%).

The data also coincide with an interesting study presented three years ago by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMV).
Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMV) three years ago.
on ‘Wine and Women’. The report makes clear, again, women’s preferences for red wine, also more pronounced at older ages, and also the importance of women for consumption in general: they are more daring and more open to innovation. In addition, more and more households are responsible for the purchase of wine..

The OeMV study grouped Spanish women into six different profiles:

  1. Curious: they represent 24%, they are between 40 and 50 years old, red and white are their favorite beverages. She likes to consume at meals, snacks and with friends and her level of consumption is high.
  2. Traditional: 22% and older (55 and 65 years old). They prefer red wine, the usual brands, and when it comes to drinking it, they do it at home very often.
  3. Light: 17% (between 30 and 40 years old). They prefer rosés and whites that have a fresh and modern image to be consumed with meals. Its consumption is low.
  4. Enthusiast: 15%. They are of all ages and drink wine at any time and are looking for a good value for money and a modern image. Its consumption is high.
  5. Young: 11%. Between 18 and 25 years old and their consumption is low, as they prefer beer.
  6. Indifferent: 11%. Wine is just another beverage for them, although if they drink it, they prefer reds that are on sale or on offer. Its consumption level is medium.

In which group would you fit your mother or partner?

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