Case study: The importance of plants in the vineyard

In the following video Lauren Rosillo, technical director and winemaker of Familia Martínez Bujanda, tells us from Finca Antigua, the group’s winery in La Mancha, the importance of using the plants and flowers that surround the vineyard to have more information about their diseases, phenology or climatology.
In this case, the gamonita, an umbelliferous plant that grows spontaneously on the estate, takes on special importance at Finca Antigua. It helps Lauren, on the one hand, to know the year’s rainfall according to the number of gamonitas, and on the other hand, thanks to its state of development, it tells us when the vineyard begins to bud, as it does so in parallel to the flowering of this plant.
Normally the gamonite flowers should be open by the beginning of May. This 2013, this is not the case, which gives us information that the phenological cycle is delayed with respect to other years.
assembly gamonitas 1
assembly gamonitas 2

Evolution of gamonites at Finca Antigua from March to May.

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