International noble grape varieties

Types of grapes

The noble vines were historically considered as grapes capable of producing a great wine without blends, that is to say, single varietals; they are also resistant grapes, which can develop in adverse weather conditions and can age, if the storage conditions are ideal, increasing their quality over time.
The noble varieties spread all over the world and became international grape varieties: only a few varieties reached this universal category, while the other varieties remained confined to regional cultivation, although they often produced wines of great quality.
Due to various agricultural crises, epidemics such as phylloxera and the technical decline of many regions, noble varieties became local specialties. By 1960, thanks to technological advances and important investments, many countries were able to acclimatize and recover the historic varieties of their regions in their vineyards and managed to emerge with excellent wines worthy of competing in traditional markets.

International “White” noble varieties

Chardonnay: It is the queen of the white varieties. Its berries are small and amber yellow, have a sweet and sugary flavor.
Wines : elegant and with an unmistakable aroma. It is also used for great sparkling wines.
It is cultivated in Spain, France, Italy, etc…
Chenin Blanc: The berries are golden in color, with fairly thick skins and crunchy flesh giving a very sugary flavor.
Wines : fruity and aromatic
Crops : Spain, France, California, Chile, Argentina, South Africa…
Gewürztraminer: Its berries have a pinkish color, small and thick skin.
Wines of unmistakable personality that deserve to be drunk even between meals. Its primary aroma is very intense
Crops : Germany, Austria, France. In Spain in the Penedés…
Moscatel de Grano Pequeño : It is known as Muscat Moscato, etc. It is considered one of the most precious varieties in world viticulture. Not to be confused with Muscat of Alexandria, which has fat berries.
Wines : Splendid sweet wines but also elegant dry whites, very aromatic with a silky and crisp palate.
Crops : Spain (Penedés, Navarra), Portugal, France…
Muscat of Alexandria : Thick and fleshy berries with perfumes more reminiscent of geranium than rose or orange blossom. In Spain it is known as Moscatel de Chipiona, Moscatel romano, Moscatel de Málaga.
Wines : It produces table wines and voluptuous sweet wines.
Crops : Spain, France, Africa, Australia, Peru…
Riesling : Its berries are golden or greenish depending on their ripeness, have thick skin and a characteristic flavor.
Wines : Sublime elegance, very fruity with fine acidity and a silky, fresh body.
Crops : Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain…
Sauvignon Blanc : Small berries of golden color, thick skin and musky flavor that can remind Muscatel.
Wine : Elegant, well-structured and of noble aromatic complexity.
Crops : Spain, Italy, France, Greece…

International Noble Red Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon : Small, spherical berries, thick-skinned and hard with deep black pigment. Its flesh is firm, crunchy, with an astringent flavor and a peculiar taste reminiscent of violets.
Wines: Considered the Emperor of wines, prodigy of elegance, depth, character and class. Deep color, sometimes bluish. Fruity, floral and vegetal aromas. They are a prodigy of elegance, depth, character and class.
Crops : France, Spain, Italy, Hungary etc…
Garnacha : Its berries have thick skin, medium size and abundant juice. It is one of the most widespread Mediterranean red varieties in the world.
Wines : the young wines exhibit a beautiful ruby pigment, with golden reflections, but evolve oxidizing and showing tendencies to rancidity. They are usually heavy and alcoholic, although very sensual and velvety. Grenache produces excellent varietal rosés with a fruity palate and a very subtle spicy perfume.
Crops : Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland…
Merlot : Its berries are small, bluish-black in color, with medium-thick skin and sugary pulp. It is a red variety that is usually found mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon.
Wines : In their youth they exhibit a beautiful ruby color with purple and violet reflections. They are aromatic, fleshy, velvety and rich red wines. Merlot produces excellent varietal wines, characterized by their finesse, elegance and oily tannins of velvety sensuality.
Crops : Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland…
Monastrell : It is also known by the name of Mourvedre, which evokes its Spanish origin.
Wines : Alcoholic wines with hard and thick tannins, which require several years of aging to soften.
Crops : France, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, California…
Pinot Noir : Small purplish black berries, waxed by an abundant bloom. The skin is thick and the pulp is soft. It is difficult to acclimatize but very elegant.
Wines : Red wines can reach aromatic excellence. It should not be forgotten that it is the basic element of Champagne, giving the sparkling wine its body and its fruity dimension.
Crops : Spain, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania…
Syrah. Small blue-black berries, thin but tough skin and juicy flesh. It is a variety of powerful character, very suitable for producing red wines with good alcohol content and an aroma reminiscent of violet.
Wines : Intense, almost black pigments with ruby reflections. Its deep aromas evoke violet and fruits with exciting spicy notes.
Crops : France, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Spain…
Tempranillo. Very widespread variety in Spain. Intense black berries, hard and elastic skin, pleasant flavor.
Wines : They exhibit a deep ruby color, good alcoholic richness, moderate acidity and delicate fruity aromas. They usually benefit from the contribution of other more acidic and aromatic varieties.
Cultivation : Spain, Argentina…

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