DO Ribeiro: Galician Essence and Soul

Visiting the Ribeiro DO can be a real pleasure for the senses. Its vast gastronomy and delicious landscapes make the area one of the most attractive and traditional in Spain to learn about the art of good wine.

DO_RibeiroLocated in the province of Orense, the Ribeiro Denomination of Origin covers an area of 2,800 hectares distributed in the confluence of the valleys formed by the Miño, Avia and Arnoia rivers. The vineyard extends from 75 to 400 meters above sea level in valleys and slopes, sometimes steeply sloping, in the municipalities of Arnoia, Beade, Boborás, Carballeda de Avia, Carballiño, Castrelo de Miño, Cenlle, Cortegada, Leiro, Ourense, Puxín, Ribadavia, San Amaro and Toén.

In Ribeiro there are 99 wineries, with a production of more than 14 million kilos of white grapes and 2 million kl of red grapes. The majority of the appellation’s wineries, some 72, are Adega de Colleiteiro, an appellation similar to Vino de Pago, producing grapes only from their own vineyards and not exceeding a limit of 60,000 kilos of grapes. The white grape par excellence in the region is Treixadura,

church_Do_RibeiroSpread over two main routes (the green and the blue, which run throughout the DO) we find small wineries and colleiteiros, small family wineries that take care of the winemaking tradition of the area with great love and care. Among the most representative wineries that can be visited are the following the Eduardo Peña wineryThe winery is located in the municipality of Castrelo de Miño, which has a subway cellar that takes advantage of the unevenness of the vineyard to bury itself, maintaining the temperature inside the cellar in a natural way, Adegas Valdaviaone of the oldest operating wineries in Spain, is located in the village of Cuñas and both its construction and the first vines planted date back to the 12th century. Emilio Rojo Wineryin the municipality of Leiro, which has one of the best Ribeiro wines on the market.

But not everything is wine and wineries in Ribeiro. More than 30 establishments await visitors to offer a wide range of wine tourism services. You can relax enjoying the Galician gastronomy in one of the restaurants in the area or with a bath in the thermal spas scattered throughout the region.

meandros_Boboras_DORibeiroIf you are looking for relaxation and tranquility, your place to stay should be in the Hotel Monumento San ClodioIn the heart of Ribeiro, a former 12th century Cistercian monastery that has been restored to become a hotel, where in addition to its ecclesiastical air you can enjoy an authentic signature cuisine with local products. Although if what you feel like is a good relaxing bath, you can stay in the
Hotel Balneario Arnoia Caldaria
the starting point for our trip.

In the municipality of Ribadabia you can also enjoy the winery and accommodation at Casar de Armás, a complex consisting of a rural hotel with six rooms plus a restaurant and the winery where the estate’s wines are produced.

A perfect destination to know a good part of the birth of the art of wine growing.

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