Everything you need to know about food and wine pairing

Surely many of you already know the term wine pairing, but for those who have not yet heard of it, let’s start with a brief definition: it is the process that aims to correctly combine the food of a meal with the wines that accompany it.

A good pairing depends on multiple aspects. Not only in the combination of flavors between food and wine, but also in the different nuances of the dishes, in the way each of them is cooked and, of course, in the personal taste of each of the diners.

But it is true that there are some basic rules. Mainly, the pairing establishes that those dishes with a strong flavor should be accompanied by wines with the same potential, wines with body; while those lighter dishes should be paired with wines with little body.

In addition, the order in which the wines are served is also important, just as food is served in ascending order of intensity, the pairing should also follow this rule, in order to achieve a delicious result.

What should be taken into account regarding the relationship between food and wine?

There must be an association between the taste of the food and the taste of the wine. Both must be in harmonyto achieve a perfect pairing, so some guidelines can be established, which are detailed below.

It is common to hear that seafood and fish should be accompanied by white wine. This is partially true, although it requires some nuances:

  • Seafood goes perfectly with sweet and floral white wines, but also with rosé wines.
  • White fish go well with dry and acidic white wines or rosé wines; but with fattier fish we can even opt for a light red wine.
  • The perfect combination of meat and red wine is also known. But, once again, it is necessary to point out some exceptions. In the case of red meats, it is true that the best pairing option is mature red wines, while white me ats and those that are consumed cold can also pair perfectly with dry white wine.
  • Sweet desserts accept sweet wines, as well as desserts with chocolate, cocoa or coffee, a fuller-bodied wine is preferable.

As we can see, the selection of the wine pairing is closely linked to the selection of the menu, starting with lighter foods and beverages, to conclude with something more intense and, finally, at dessert, opting for a touch of sweetness.

We give you ideas of dishes to pair with our wines.

Next, we want to show you an example of a menu where exquisite dishes are combined with delicious wines to achieve a perfect result, ideal for all types of palates, whether they are people who have just started to taste wines, or more specialized wine lovers.

  1. First round: we can start with a rice dish, it can be paella style, with a more Asian touch with spices and vegetables or even a risotto. For this first course, we will choose a white wine Finca Montepedroso from Rueda.
  2. Second round: we continue with a delicious light red wine, such as a garnacha crianza from Finca Antigua. This wine is ideal to accompany a strong cheese platter before the main course.
  3. Third round: a red meat is always a good idea for a main dish. A T-bone steak or sirloin steak in pepper sauce with a side of mashed potatoes, for example. The best accompaniment is undoubtedly a red wine with personality, such as Finca Valpiedra Reserva.
  4. Fourth round: to finish, a delicious dessert such as homemade custard, cake or brownie with ice cream. And nothing better to conclude the pairing than a sweet muscatel wine from Finca Antigua.

What do you think of this wine pairing? Can you think of any other way to combine our wines with delicious dishes?

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