How to store the wines you have received as Christmas gifts in your own home

An ideal gift for wine lovers is undoubtedly a new bottle for their collection. If you have been lucky enough to have friends or relatives who know you so well that they have given you this gift for Christmas, you already know that the way you store your wines is extremely important for their perfect preservation.

Below, we remind you of the different aspects to take into account so that the wine you have received as a gift is kept in perfect condition. Take note and enjoy good wine.

Aspects to be taken into account for storing wines in ideal conditions

To keep a bottle of wine in perfect condition, it is important to find the right place so that it does not suffer any type of alteration. To do so, the chosen space must have specific characteristics, which we indicate below:

  • Environmental humidity:
    is an extremely important aspect, on which the conservation of cork depends directly. The bottles should be stored in a cool place with a relative humidity between 70% and 80%. This will prevent the cork from drying out too much or becoming excessively wet. This is essential because, if the cork dries out, it tends to shrink, making the bottle seal less airtight and allowing air to enter, which can lead to precipitous oxidation of the wine. Otherwise, if the humidity is higher than necessary, it can lead to the appearance of fungus or even mold, spoiling the wine. To control the percentage of ambient humidity, it is recommended to place a hydrographer next to the wine.

  • Direct light:
    bottles should not be exposed to direct light, whether natural or artificial, as this can accelerate their degradation. Light can promote the initiation of certain chemical reactions in wine. For this simple reason, many of the wine bottles on the market are green, as it is able to cancel out the effect of light by 30% to 60%. It is therefore advisable to store wines in a dark place such as a cellar, basement or storage room. If you do not have a space with these characteristics, you can also opt for a closed cabinet for storage.

  • Strong odors
    Wine bottles should be kept away from places with strong odors, as they may change the aroma or even the taste of the wine. Opting for a well-ventilated place to store wines can help, not only in this aspect, but also in the regulation of temperature and humidity.

  • Position:
    the best way to store a bottle of wine is horizontally, so the cork remains in constant contact with the wine itself. In addition, it is recommended that the bottles be kept at rest, so this option is ideal for their conservation. However, the same is not true for sparkling wines, since, due to the existence of carbon dioxide gas in their composition, vertical storage is recommended, since the cork remains equally moist.

  • Temperature:
    another essential aspect for proper storage of wine bottles is the temperature at which they are stored. It is not only important to maintain a constant temperature between 12º and 16ºC, but also to avoid sudden changes.

  • Storage times
    Finally, it is essential to bear in mind that not all wines withstand the same length of time in bottle, so it is necessary to know their origin and drink them within the established range, to prevent them from beginning to lose their properties. This period of time is influenced by factors such as the type of breeding, place of origin, storage location, age, etc.

  • In the case of young wines, consumption is recommended within the same year of harvest.
    • For reserva and gran reserva wines, the time margin increases to 10 or 15 years.

In addition, once a bottle of wine has been opened, if it is not finished, it should be stored in the refrigerator. If we know in advance that the wine will not be finished, it is recommended that the contact time between the wine and the air is not too long, to prevent oxidation.

Some utensils that can help to store bottles at home

Taking into account the above aspects, it is worth mentioning that there are a series of utensils, ideal for wine lovers, that can help you store wine correctly in your own home.

First of all, an electric wine cellar helps to keep the wine at the right temperature and humidity, being able to control it in a simple way.

If we have a dark, cool place with the correct percentage of humidity, we would only need, for the storage of the bottles, wooden bottle racks or any other material that does not conduct heat.

In addition, a vacuum pump is always a good option, as it helps to extract oxygen on those occasions when a wine is opened and not finished.

The important thing is to keep the wines in perfect condition, so that they can be enjoyed as they deserve.

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