Finca Antigua


Finca Antigua


Finca Antigua is currently divided into 40 different plots, where the different grapes of our wide varietal catalog are grown and harvested separately, including the national grape varieties of viura, garnacha, tempranillo and moscatel to the international merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and syrah, with which we produce our creative and avant-garde collection of aged varietals.

Finca Antigua Crianza Único and Finca Antigua Reserva, two wines that combine the fusion of styles and possibilities of the estate, are the result of the blending of several plots, each year the same, and represent another step forward in the winery’s creativity.


[A special case is Pico Garbanzo.a wonderful enclave of just four hectares where we can find a ‘disorderly’, even atypical, varietal mix (grenache, cabernet, pinot noir, mazuelo,…) that, planted on a particular clay soil, gives rise to Clavis, a special and surprising wine capable of expressing the scrubland landscape where the vineyards are rooted.[:][:en][:]

Finca Antigua

[The soils of Finca Antigua, in general terms, are characterized by a chalky loam character.The grapes are at the same time poor in organic matter. This fact, together with the estate’s high altitude of 900 meters -one of the coldest areas of La Mancha-, allows us to produce unique and innovative wines, which express the personality of the terroir, with the elegance, freshness and ageing capacity that only vineyards at the limit are able to offer.[:][:en][:][:]

The hardiness of the soils, suitable only for crops as hardy as vines, and the extraordinary temperature range between winter and summer and between day and night, give us a characteristic acidity and a low natural pH in the grapes, so that we obtain full phenolic maturity without abusing the alcohol content, which even in the hottest years does not exceed 14 degrees.[:][:en][:en][:]

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