How to choose the right wines for the table this holiday season… Merry Christmas!

Last month we dedicated an entry in this space to Familia Martínez Bujanda wines as a gift option for Christmas, with an extraordinary versatility of offer for different profiles… and pockets -among them our magnificent Infinutus, best reds quality/price of the Peñín Guide 2017.
Mikel López Iturriaga, El Comidistaexplained a few weeks ago in a brilliant video what not to do with wine this season, so we are not going to talk about serving temperatures, where best to keep the bottles, decanting, the myth of the spoon, types of glass, etc., simply because we recommend you to watch the video. But we are going to propose some basic alternatives so that the wines accompany our tables better and, above all, to try to help us enjoy a relaxed conversation with our loved ones. First of all, we remind you of the main rule of wine pairing, although, as you well know, everything in this life has exceptions. Acid (white wines) calls for acid, while tannins (reserves and structured wines) need fat and sweetness also calls for sweetness.

  1. Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres: for vegetables, seafood and fish, FincaMontepedroso white wine is a sure value, as it is also, given its volume in the mouth, a good choice for smoked meats and even white meats.
  1. Meat, fish and medium cured cheeses: the range of options widens and with this type of dishes we would go to the ‘universe’ of red wines. Virtually all of Finca Antigua‘s options fit usThe Crianza Único, the Reserva and, of course, the whole range of single variety Crianzas, with Grenache, Tempranillo and Merlot as the most delicate and Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah or Petit Verdot for the most consistent meats and roasts, as well as more mature cheeses due to their greater structure. We have of course the option of Riojas, with the delicacy and sensitivity of our Cantos de Valpiedra and the more traditional range of Viña Bujanda for not excessively fatty meats, intense fish and legumes.
  1. The most consistent dishes: if we are thinking about baked lamb, suckling pig, big game dishes and all kinds of red meats, although several of the wines in the previous section would also be excellent, we suggest you to go up a step in structure with our Rioja Reserva. Valpiedra Estate and with Clavisour Finca Antigua plot wine. All kinds of cheeses also find good allies with our more complex wines, which are also perfect for after-dinner meals, even after coffee.
  1. Fruits and sweet desserts: although the pairing of desserts is a whole world (for example, with chocolate, reds with structure and long aging are sensational), the Finca Antigua Moscatel Naturalmente Dulce is a sure match with all kinds of fruits and sweets. This wine is almost like eating fresh grapes, that is to say, a dessert in itself, but it is a sensational option to conclude the celebration, without forgetting that it also serves as a starter with appetizers of duck foie and dried fruits and even cured cheeses.

From Familia Martínez Bujanda we take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas to all our customers and friends and a toast to a better 2017 than this year that is now ending. Congratulations!

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