Introducing the perfect pairing

Enjoying a good wine is a pleasure. Any excuse is a good one to uncork a bottle and pour yourself a glass to savor the moment. On a terrace with a good aperitif, in the evening chatting with friends or as an accompaniment to a good evening with a special person.

But if we are talking about a lunch or dinner where you want to find the perfect match between wine and food, it is essential to take into account some aspects. The choice of wine and its compatibility with the dishes is key to appreciate all its nuances. We propose a three-course menu with wines that fit like a glove to enhance the gastronomic experience.

First course:

For the pairing of the first course, we suggest our Finca Montepedroso, which will allow you to get to know the essence and authenticity of Rueda. This winery is dedicated exclusively to the production of Verdejo white wines, so its fusion with fresh seafood and white fish is perfect. Also with arroz caldero and arroz a banda, or with pasta au gratin and white meats.

We offer you a lobster salad, in our opinion the best starter with the proposal for the second course, a tasty grilled fish.

Several ways of cooking this crustacean that combine perfectly with Finca Montepedroso, prawns or avocado, you decide.

Ensalada Con Bogavante – Galicia Seafood Salad

Second course

For this occasion, we present Finca Valpiedra Blanco Reserva, the only white wine from Finca Valpiedra and a rarity within our estate. Its medium intensity, its mineral and fruity notes pair perfectly with poultry and small game dishes. Another good option can be grilled fish such as sea bass, sea bream or turbot and rice dishes in paella. Freshness is its predominant note, with great balance with the alcohol, showing a very long aftertaste and a pleasant finish.

Our proposal for this Finca Valpiedra is one of the fish with more personality of our coasts, a grilled turbot, the freshness of the wine will give the perfect counterpoint and the sensations on the palate will be much lighter.

 Grilled turbot from Elkano | Gastronomía & Cía (


To round off our menu, we have the ideal wine to pair with dessert: Finca Antigua Naturalmente Moscatel. With hints of stone fruits such as peach and apricot, white flowers such as jasmine, as well as spices such as anise, fennel and nutmeg. Its silky entry on the palate, with the development of a gourmand volume, favors its pairing with desserts and fruits of all kinds. Our Moscatel can even be a dessert in itself.

As it is a wine with personality, it goes well with both sweet and savory desserts, we suggest some delicious cheese skewers with quince jelly, accompanied by nuts.

With a proposal like this, success is assured. The combination of our wines with these dishes is the perfect marriage. Now, you have no excuse for not preparing a menu with the perfect pairing for your guests.

What would you pair these wines with, we would love to see your suggestions, send us some of your recipes!

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