The magic of veraison, pure color before the grape harvest

Are you familiar with the term veraison? This is the name given to the natural process by which grapes change color. This is the time of the year when this phenological state occurs. Read on to find out all the details.

The veraison anticipates the ripening process of the grapes that give way to the most desired time of the year, the grape harvest . But beyond the mere external change of the berries, with veraison also comes a profound inner transformation and maturation. 

What does Envero mean?

A word with Latin roots that originally meant change of appearance. This gives us clues as to why the term veraison is applied today in the wine world.

Indeed, grapes change their appearance, white grapes become yellowish, golden, and red grapes begin to acquire reddish, bluish and blackish tones in some cases.

During the veraison period, these changes that are visible on the outside of the grapes are also accompanied by a series of changes that are developing inside the grapes.  The chlorophyll of the vine is diluted to give rise to the accumulation of sugars, acids and phenolic compounds. This process is what makes the vine color the fields.

Maturation process

The grapes begin phenological and industrial ripening, accumulating anthocyanins and tannins in the case of reds and catechins and tannins in the case of whites, as well as sugars to complete industrial ripening.

The phenological compounds, which were previously present in the pips and stems, are now also present in the skin and pulp.

The next phenological stage before the grape harvest is the “agostado”, as its name indicates, which occurs in August) and is the lignification of the shoots, and their passage from herbaceous to woody, constituting a superior resistance of the tissues.

What influences the Envero process?

Climatic conditions, including temperature, solar incidence, grape variety or the geographical area where the vineyard is located, make this phase of grape ripening, which normally takes place in the vineyard, very difficult. occurs in two to three weeks, This causes different ripening processes within the same vineyard and also contributes to the irregular color of the clusters. In fact, winegrowers estimate that it should take about 35-55 days from veraison to harvest, depending on the varieties.

Thus, with the arrival of veraison, we start the countdown to begin the expected harvesting of the grapes and the winemaking process in the winery.

The veraison is an ideal time to visit our vineyards, unique enclaves where you can enjoy a day of wine tourism. Finca Valpiedra, Finca Montepedroso and Finca Antigua are the perfect plan, the best getaway to experience first hand the magic of the grape harvest.

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