La Rioja is also a land of whites, young wines and reserves.

Reds, of course, but the DOCa Rioja also produces young white wines and reserves. The truth is that when talking about its wines, the first image that comes to everyone’s mind is a red wine. However, La Rioja is not only a land of reds, white wines are also produced here, from the freshest and fruitiest to the most mature and complex.

If Familia Martinez Bujanda has more than 130 years of history, behind every bottle of wine it makes is its own. And its new white wine, Finca Valpiedra Blanco Reserva 2016, has a lot to say.

For the time being, the winery where it is made, Finca Valpiedra, is located in the heart of Rioja Alta. The philosophy of the “vinos de pago” is followed here, since only wines made with grapes grown there and with extraordinary qualities are produced.

In addition, it is now in luck because a few months ago it has seen the birth of its first white wine, Finca Valpiedra Blanco Reserva 2016. The grapes used to make this wine come from the oldest plot on the estate, ‘La Peña del Gato’, which has 120-year-old Viura vines. Other varieties such as Garnacha Blanca, Malvasía and Maturana Blanca are planted in the adjoining plot, which, in small amounts, accompany the Viura, the protagonist of this wine.

This white wine is fermented in new French and American oak barrels, where it remains for two years with its lees. After this period, it rests for a year in an ovoid granite tank and, finally, for another year in the bottle. So it spends a total of four years in the cellar before being released to the market. Therefore, it complies with the DOCa Rioja Reserva classification, which establishes a minimum aging period of two years, with at least six months in oak barrels.

Intense and complex, it stands out for its elegance and smoothness. It is also a very gastronomic wine, as it complements perfectly with the food, it does not stand out, but rather, due to its character, it balances and intensifies the flavors. For example, it can be served with medium-high cured cheeses, poultry, small game and fish.

On this occasion and thanks to the passion for cooking of Pedro León, Marketing and Communication Director of Familia Martínez Bujanda, we share in this post his recipe for dill salmon with oyster mushrooms. With this dish, Finca Valpiedra Blanco Reserva 2016 leaves all the protagonism to the salmon, but does not hide. It is a white wine with character and personality. He knows who he is and speaks as an equal with his companion, without arrogance, but without passivity.

Salmon with dill and thistle mushrooms
One salmon loin of 150 grams per person

Half a lemon per loin

Salt and white pepper


One tablespoon of butter per loin

Mushrooms of cardoon or to taste.

2 cloves garlic

Half a dried chili pepper.
Clean the loin with the help of tweezers and remove any bones it may have.

Salt and add the white pepper and dill on the side of the loin, not the skin.

Squeeze the lemons and reserve the juice.

Put a tablespoon of butter per loin in a casserole dish and place it on the fire. Once the butter is diluted, the lemon juice is added.

In the baking dish, place the salmon pieces skin side down and pour the contents of the casserole, spreading them well over the loins. Put in the oven at 180º and in 15/20 minutes they will be golden brown and ready to serve.

In these fifteen minutes, prepare the garlic mushrooms by cutting the garlic into slices and the chili pepper into slices. When it is time to serve, add the roasted salmon juice over the mushrooms.

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