New vintages of our white wines

We have recently put on the market the new vintages of some of our most characteristic white wines. On this occasion we will talk about three of them, each one from one of our wineries.
With the arrival of spring and the improvement of the weather we tend to consume more white wine. It is true that the custom is to drink these wines chilled, but you have to be careful because not all whites are the same. Although lighter wines with fruity touches require lower temperatures (approximately 7 degrees Celsius), full-bodied white wines need slightly higher temperatures, around 9 or even 10 degrees Celsius.
Finca Antigua Viura on lees vintage 2017
This is the case of our 2017 vintage Finca Antigua Viura on lees, which has a consistent structure due to its time on its lees. This allows the wine to gain body and present a fresh and smooth flavor with great persistence on the nose.
The Finca Antigua Viura has aged on its lees for 5 months with weekly stirrings. In addition, fermentation was carried out in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for a period of 22 days.
All these processes help the wine’s acidity to be very balanced, which brings freshness to the wine.
Finca Antigua Viura on lees 2017 is the perfect accompaniment to seafood and white fish dishes. It also combines with rice and pasta au gratin, and even with white meats. As we can see, the options for its consumption are multiple, its intense flavor together with its freshness make it an appetizing option both to take it with a meal and to enjoy it during a get-together.
Finca Montepedroso 2017 vintage
Our next target is also removed on its lees. This is the 100% Verdejo Finca Montepedroso vintage 2017, a full-bodied white from Rueda that goes beyond light whites with little consistency.
Finca Montepedroso 2017 is made with the Verdejo variety and its indigenous yeasts. After five months of aging on the lees and a 32-day fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, this white wine combines the best characteristics of the best Verdejo wines.
This is a very intense white wine, with a balanced acidity that gives it freshness as well as volume and a fruity aftertaste that underlines its freshness in the mouth.
Viña Bujanda Viura
Our offer is completed by Viña Bujanda Viura 2017, a wine in which the white Rioja variety par excellence is the protagonist.
This grape variety has been unjustly reviled for its limited aromatic capabilities. However, it offers a consistency in the mouth that few white grapes can match and even shows exceptional aging potential. The key is the age of the vineyard and yield control.
It is a fresh, full-bodied wine with floral and green apple notes. A perfect choice to accompany fish or seafood dishes, pasta au gratin, rice dishes and soft cheeses.

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