Piedmont: The Barolo and Barbaresco Mists

In the northwest of the Italian Republic lies the beautiful region of Piedmont. Famous for its fundamental role in national unification and for housing powerful industries such as the headquarters of FIAT, it is also known worldwide for the quality of its wines. Especially its reds, Barolo and Barbaresco.
Map Northwest Italy WinesLocated between the Alps and the Apennines, and divided by the Po River, the Piedmont region stretches between several provinces in northwestern Italy, especially in the mountainous terrain of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, in the hills of Le Langhe and Monteferrato.
Piedmont has a western climate, with warm, humid summers and long, cold winters, which together with its main peculiarity, the thick fog that covers the vineyards in autumn and spring and gives its name to one of its most famous grape varieties, the nebbiolo, have turned the region’s wines into wines of great quality.
The particularity of the mountainous terrain combined with its rainy climate, means that its wines are almost always made with native vines, which have special characteristics of the terrain, highlighting two internationally renowned reds, Barolo and Barbaresco.
It takes its name from the small town of Barolo, located south of Alba, from which you can make out in the distance the Barolo-art-winesnow-capped peaks of the Alps. This wine is, together with the best Tuscan wines, the essential piece of the rebirth of Italian viticulture. Although it is not the most popular Italian wine, it is one of the highest quality.
In this region located in the hills of Le Laghe, the visitor can marvel at how the fog that has given its name to its best variety, ascends from the Tanaro river, and twisting between vines and hills, covers the terrain with its mysterious white mantle.
With only 1,300 hectares located in the chalky southern undulations of the three nearby mountain ranges, these are the ideal lands for these vines grown in specific and select locations that give them their appellation of origin.
Sunrise in PiedmontAlthough at first it was always in the shadow of its successful neighbor, due to its different origins far from nobles and monarchs, Barbaresco has risen to become the other great reference point for Piedmontese wine.
With 680 hectares in its regional delimitation. One of its main differences with Barolo is the altitude of its best vineyards, located between 180 and 320 meters above sea level.
The warmer climate speeds up the ripening of the grapes in less time. Different processes in the use of almost the totality of the harvested crop, and the homogeneity of the terroir, give unity to their wines.
Balanced wines with intense aromas are produced in this region. The most humid areas produce particularly perfumed, complex and fruity wines.

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