Recipe of the week: Black Rice


4 cups of rice
1 clove garlic
2 leeks
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
2 peeled tomatoes
½ Kgs. of clean baby squid.
3 times as much fish broth as rice

For the black sauce:

1 onion
1 leek
1 green bell pepper
1 piece of dry bread
4 bags of squid ink


bot_FA_cyclesFor the black sauce: In a frying pan place the vegetables together with the piece of dry bread and sauté.
On the other hand, dissolve the ink in a little of the warm fish stock and add it to the sautéed vegetables.
Simmer and reduce for one hour over low heat.

For the mellow rice: In an earthenware casserole, brown the garlic, leeks, peppers and tomatoes. Before it takes color add the cuttlefish. Turn them once and then add the rice. Mix well with the sofrito and the squid.

Add one tablespoon of black sauce per person and the rest of the boiling fish stock. Stir until the heart of the grain begins to lose its hardness. At this point remove from heat. This way the heat of the casserole will finish cooking the rice.

Pairing: Finca Antigua Cycles. This is Finca Antigua’s reserve wine. Garnet red color, intense aroma, with attractive sensations of mountain, leaves and balsamic notes, with hints of milk and vanilla. In the mouth it is tasty, but smooth and without edges, leaving an acidulous memory.


The pairing of Ciclos de Finca Antigua with all types of rice dishes is surprisingly good. A tasty and tremendously appetizing wine, thanks to its freshness it is particularly suitable for hearty meals such as this black rice.

The combination of the rice and the flavor of the baby squid are perfect for this wine, which in the mouth evokes fullness and forcefulness with development on the palate of great volume and structure, but without showing any sensation of harshness, very oily and pleasant.

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