Recipe of the week: Tomato salad with Cantabrian anchovies

Salad of tomatoes and anchovies from the Bay of Biscay

Ingredients for 4 pax:

Recipe of the week

Two large ripe tomatoes
12 fillets of salted anchovies, clean
One teaspoon of salt
A teaspoon of oregano
Extra virgin olive oil

Wash the tomatoes, dry them, peel them and cut them into small pieces the size of a dice.
We prepare a bed with them, in the dish where we are going to present the salad.
Salt to taste and sprinkle with oregano.
Place the anchovy fillets in such a way that when serving it is convenient to pick them up together with the bed of tomato cubes.
We water the dish well with the chosen oil, the best we have, it will be raw and we will notice the quality of it.

Montepedroso FarmFood pairing: Finca Montepedroso. A fresh and intense wine, lemon yellow in color, intense in aroma and with great development of volume and structure in the mouth, it is ideal to accompany fresh seafood and white fish. It can also be served with all kinds of rice dishes, especially arroz caldero and arroz a banda. Also suitable for pasta au gratin and white meats.


A simple and easy to prepare recipe, with the best flavor of the typical products of northern Spain. A perfect combination for an excellent white wine such as Finca Montepedroso.

Having few ingredients and so clean with ripe tomato watered with oil and salt, this salad of tomatoes and Cantabrian anchovies becomes a good combination to accompany the wine and also the strong flavor of the anchovy harmonizes very well in this simple salad.

All this will be dragged in the mouth and compensated with the acidity of Finca Montepedroso, something that will allow us to start again with the next mouthful and so on.

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