Summer wines: white wines (I)

It is summer. We have passed, without significant incidents, critical moments for viticulture such as the dangerous frosts at the end of spring which, with the fruit already budding, can destroy the grapes and the expectations of a whole year’s work.
The main challenge now facing the vines is the heat and drought, which are being excessive for this month of July, which can cause excessive advances in ripening so that these are not fully balanced. In any case, the vine is one of the most resistant plants in existence, capable of self-regulating its water needs as long as the soils have retained the winter rains.
As we have our own vineyards, we have it easier and, as we talk about wines in this space, there comes a season in which the consumption of white and rosé wines increases considerably. So let’s go with them.
When we order a bottle of white wine, we usually get it directly from cold storage at very low temperatures, although it is true that with the prevailing ambient temperature, it will warm up quickly. However, care must be taken because not all targets are the same. The fruitiest and lightest wines are best consumed at lower temperatures (around 7 degrees), but there are more and more whites on the market that are aged in oak, including wines that, without being in oak, have a consistent structure due to a time spent with their lees in the tanks and that have been aged in oak barrels. to show their fullness they need slightly higher temperatures, in the range of 10 or even 11 degrees.
This is the case of our main recommendation for this summer, 100% Verdejo. Finca Montepedroso 2014This is a full-bodied white wine from Rueda due to the work done by our technical team in the tanks with the lees and that goes into the lees. beyond the light whites with little consistency that can also be found with the same generic seal of the Rueda appellation of origin..
When it comes to pairing, Finca Montepedroso also offers more alternatives, as it is perfectly capable of combining with all the dishes of a summer meal, including white meats and not exclusively fish and seafood.
Familia Martínez Bujanda also produces white wines in Rioja, with Bujanda Vineyardand in La Mancha, with Finca AntiguaIn both cases, the Viura (Macabeo) variety is used, although some do not prefer it due to its aromatic limitations, for us, it is perfectly suited to this type of young, fresh wines, but with a little more consistency in the mouth and able to fully pair with a meal or a dinner..
Our offer is completed by the Finca Antigua Naturally Sweeta very peculiar wine, which achieves the high sugar concentration by dehydrating the grapes in sunlightand that can give us good moments as an aperitif (nuts, foie, cheeses…), but especially as a dessert (fruits) after a light summer dinner and, above all, with a good conversation among friends.

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