Take advantage of Easter Week to practice wine tourism.

Easter is approaching and with it a few days of vacation. A good idea to enjoy this holiday period is wine tourism.
If you are a wine lover, a perfect option for your vacation is to delve into your passion with a visit to the wineries that interest you the most. The Spanish geography is full of interesting proposals that will allow you to get to know new wineries and wines.
Undoubtedly, wine tourism is a quality tourism, in which contact between visitors and wine professionals is privileged. You will learn about the natural environment in which the wineries are usually located, the grape varieties, the care required in each vineyard and the method of winemaking. You always learn when you visit a winery.
During these visits, personal attention is an important factor and the visitor can soak up the peculiarities of each region.
Normally, the plan focuses on visiting the vineyard and the winery facilities, always accompanied by a wine tasting. Many wineries have museums and other services, such as restaurants. In addition, the architecture of the wineries themselves is often an attraction in its own right.
And we must not forget the importance of the contact with nature that these visits allow, since the estates are usually located in well-tended natural environments, where the beauty of the landscape is combined with the cultivation of vines. Visitors can also tour the villages in the area where the winery is located, giving the experience a historical and traditional touch that makes it attractive also for those who are not fully involved in the world of wine. After all, the cultivation of vineyards has transformed the landscapes and influenced the economy and customs of these regions since ancient times.
Do not hesitate, wine tourism can be the best option for you and your family during these days off. If you are up for it, you can visit any of our farms, we are sure we will make your experience unique!
Call us to know our schedules and consult the offer that we put at your disposal in our webs. Do not hesitate, dive into the world of wine with us this Easter:
Finca Antigua
Montepedroso Farm
Valpiedra Estate

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