6 publications to be informed (and well) about the world of wine

The world of wine is a dynamic sector, with continuous innovations and news that wine enthusiasts want to be aware of. That is why it is well worth having reliable sources of information that can provide us with a sufficiently broad and knowledgeable view of the current state of wine and its circumstances.
There are many options available on the web but, leaving aside the personal preferences of each person, we have chosen to offer a brief list of those that are the most important and, why not say it, the ones that we ourselves usually consult to keep ourselves updated about the wonderful world of wine. As this list is intended for amateurs and not for professionals, we have chosen sites and publications that are not too specialized and accessible to any wine enthusiast who wants to increase his or her knowledge.

Vinetur: This is one of the best digital magazines about wine in Spanish. In addition to news we will find in its pages special reports, a section that compiles the upcoming events related to the world of wine, tasting notes, a section dedicated to gastronomy and pairing, and a series of very appropriate tips to introduce us little by little in the intricacies of the world of wine. Undoubtedly, highly recommended to stay informed about everything that happens in our sector.

Verema: An authentic specialized portal dedicated exclusively to wine. In addition to a carefully selected news section, we can visit its forums, ideal places for wine lovers to share their experiences. It also has a winery search engine, from which we can locate not only Spanish but also foreign wineries. Likewise, they provide the Internet user with a very complete wine search engine. Another very curious section is the virtual tasting section, in which forum users themselves share their evaluations of certain wines. He also has several blogs on various topics. A very complete option for documentation and further knowledge.

Property of the newspaper El Mundo, it is a web with many updates and from which we can obtain a wide vision of this world. With frequent updates, an example of this is that every day of the week they talk about a specific wine, so their history of wine cards is impressive. They also hold a weekly tasting, about which they publish information on a regular basis. As we can see, this is a website that is always worth having a look at to increase your knowledge.

Akata Wine Magazine
Akata Wine Magazine: An online magazine, with a neat presentation and oriented to consumers, you can’t miss this magazine to keep up to date with what’s happening in the wine industry. Its relaxed reading can give us the same pleasure as a good glass of wine. An ideal option to browse in our leisure time.

Wine journal
Wine Diary: And since we are also interested in having a more international and global perspective, this Mexican website can serve as a showcase for wines from other places. Specially oriented to wines from Latin America and Spain, its pages also include a corner for Asian, French, Italian, Californian, etc. wines. Undoubtedly an interesting website that will broaden our view.

Spanish Wine Lover
Spanish Wine Lover: It is a website whose objective is to become an essential reference in the information about Spanish wine on the Internet. The site, created by wine journalist Amaya Cervera, is made up of three blocks with Spanish wine as the protagonist: a first section with information on different aspects of Spanish wine. Another block is focused on the enjoyment of Spanish wine in the world, and the third is oriented to the Spanish environment, with proposals for leisure, wine tourism and places where wine service in general is taken care of. In addition, the website contains an extensive database of wineries, wine tasting notes and enotecas to consult. Its contents have an undeniable quality.

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