Types of corkscrews

Although normally the regular wine consumer only knows a couple of types of corkscrews, there is a very wide variety of corkscrews, some of them used only at a professional level. They are manufactured in different materials and different designs and depending on the type of corkscrew the cork extraction process is different.
Let’s discover the different varieties that can be found on the market and their differences:
The corkscrew or lever corkscrew
It is also called a two-stroke corkscrew and is the most commonly used. This is a very practical and easy to use corkscrew. To use it, two support steps are required to open the bottle. It usually incorporates a small integrated capsule cutter.
Wing corkscrew
It is very simple to use, which is why it is widely used in households. Its design allows a bottle to be opened without requiring a lot of skill or strength, although it takes up too much space compared to other corkscrews. To extract the cork, it is necessary to rest the base on the neck of the bottle and begin to twist the upper part. In this way, the corkscrew curls around the cork as the wings or arms rise upwards. When the movement is complete, lower the arms to extract the cork.
T-shaped corkscrew
It is the simplest, although some skill and experience is necessary, because if we are not careful, the cork can break. Basically, it consists of screwing the metal end into the cork and pulling it out by force, without any support point.
Screw corkscrew
It is one of the most resistant and requires some force to extract the cork. However, it is very simple to use. It has a metal cap that attaches to the neck of the bottle and a rotating top handle is inserted into the cork. To remove the cork, turn the top piece in the same direction until the cork comes out of the bottle. It is a good type of corkscrew for beginners.
Lever corkscrew
This is another type of corkscrew recommended for beginners due to its ease of use. In addition, the models are usually foldable. To extract the cork, it is placed around the neck of the bottle, the lever is lowered to insert the thread into the cork and raised to extract it.
lever corkscrew
Blade corkscrew
It is not very easy to use, but it is the only type of corkscrew that allows the cork to be removed without damaging it. For this reason, it is often used to extract the corks of old vintage bottles without breaking them. The two sheets are inserted on each side of the cork and then pushed outwards, using force until the cork comes out.
Compressed air corkscrew
Its use is not very widespread, because injecting air into the bottle can remove sediment, altering the properties of the wine. Using it is very simple, as it does not require strength or skill. Its operation consists of sticking the needle incorporated in the cork and pumping to introduce air until the cork comes out of the bottle.
compressed air_p
Electric corkscrew
Battery or battery operated, the cork is removed effortlessly at the push of a button. Place the corkscrew on the neck of the bottle and operate it until the cork comes out of the bottle.
In addition to these types, so-called wall-mounted corkscrews are often seen in restaurants. Nailed to the walls, they make it easy to uncork bottles by placing them under the device, inserting the metal thread into the cork and lifting the handle to remove it.

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