What are organic wines like?

In Familia Martínez Bujanda we take great care in the elaboration of our wines, always looking for excellence. For this reason, we apply technological innovations, while maintaining respect for tradition and the “lifelong” way of making wine. For us, organic winemaking has been a natural step.
We have just launched
Finca Antigua Organic
the first certified organic wine from
Finca Antigua
. Our commitment to the
environment and sustainability
are translated into a continuous effort to adapt the work in our vineyards towards an ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Fruit of this work,
Finca Antigua Organic
is a magnificent example of what we can offer our customers with organic viticulture.
However, as there may be many wine enthusiasts who are not clear about what an organic wine is, we will explain its characteristics and peculiarities.
Organic wines
These are wines that respect the environment and in which the use of pesticides, herbicides, mineral fertilizers, etc. is prohibited. Basically, no aggressive or invasive techniques are used in the vineyards. Only natural products are applied both for soil fertilization (manure, compost, mulch) and disease prevention.
Indigenous or selected yeasts can be used for its production, without genetic modifications, acidity correctors and sulfur can be added, but with limitations.
We can use the terms organic, ecological and biological as synonyms. These products are protected by the European Union, which determines through certifying companies that the requirements are met for them to be considered as such.
Return to tradition
The truth is that organic viticulture is very similar to traditional viticulture, since it dispenses with chemical elements. Basically, it is cultivated in the same way as in the past, but with today’s technology and agronomic knowledge.
If there is a capital element in this type of organic farming, it is the soil. It is preferable that it be rich in organic matter to provide nutrients to the vine. This type of soil is more resistant to compaction and is more protected against erosion.
The aim is to make the vine more naturally resistant to pests and diseases, and to make its nutrition as genuine as possible. To achieve this, both the soil and the vineyard ecosystem must be in balance.
Why are organic wines produced?
The truth is that there is a growing demand among consumers for organic products. They have become a consumer trend and also a lifestyle in which sustainable values and respect for the environment prevail.
The cultivation and production of organic wines has become popular in some wine producing countries, including Spain. Currently, it is a trend in winemaking and Familia Martínez Bujanda wants to lead the way with its wines. That’s why we invite you to try our
Finca Antigua Organic
we are sure you will repeat!

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