What are the best gadgets for wine lovers? Gift ideas

Wine lovers are those who not only have a glass of their favorite wine from time to time and enjoy it, but also those who are passionate about everything related to the world of wine. They look for their favorite wine, take advantage of any occasion to get a bottle to taste, enjoy experiences such as visits to wineries or tastings and always have the latest in wine accessories.

If you have family or friends who are wine lovers, you are in luck, below, you can find the best gift ideas for Christmas, if you don’t already have everything.

And if it’s you reading this, we show you the best gadgets for your collection, which one are you missing to complete it?

Corkscrews ideal for wine lovers

An indispensable element that we all usually have at home. But only wine lovers know all the types and only some have a large collection of this important instrument. We can find from simple models, those with a handle or butterfly style, to the most innovative electronic corkscrews.

The best idea to give a corkscrew as a gift to a wine lover, taking into account that he will already have an infinite number of them, is to personalize the model you choose, either with his name, with his initials or with a phrase of great symbolism for both of you.

Capsule cutter

Along the same lines as the previous accessory, although it is not as common in all homes. It is also a great idea to opt for a combination of both, i.e. to get a corkscrew that includes a capsule cutter. Practical, convenient and compact – what more could you ask for?

Elements to maintain the ideal wine temperature

Every wine lover knows the ideal temperature at which each wine should be drunk. Therefore, any wine lover’s house should have an ice bucket and an individual bottle cooler, in order to serve it at the table at the right temperature.

You can choose, once again, to personalize these gifts by engraving the ice bucket and embroidering initials on the cooling sleeve, for example.

Best wine serving gifts

A great idea is to buy a set of glasses for the different types of wine, because true wine lovers know how to differentiate them, although for those who do not know about the subject it may seem surprising. But did you know that the choice of a glass is almost as important as the choice of a good wine? This is because, depending on its shape, it allows us to perceive aromas and flavors more intensely.

Opt for a set of fine and transparent crystal glasses and you will triumph. But, if you want them to have a distinctive touch and for the gift to be remembered, once again we recommend the option of personalizing them, albeit in a subtle and elegant way.

On the other hand, if the person to whom you want to give the gift is a professional, the best option to surprise him/her is to give him/her a wine glass, a type of glass that follows AFNOR standards in terms of design and dimensions. What a nice touch!

Decanters are also a great idea, they allow oxygenation of the wine, which, being in contact with the air, intensifies the aromas even more. It is the best way to enhance the flavor of a wine and the recipient of the gift will appreciate it.

Utensils to preserve wine in perfect condition, perfect for wine lovers.

A plug with an elegant and eye-catching design, a vacuum pump or the latest on the market, a Coravin. With this element, wine can be served without even removing the cork, which keeps it in perfect condition for a longer period of time. Undoubtedly, you will surprise the recipient of this innovative gift.

And for those who already have everything, the best option is a visit to a winery, where you can enjoy firsthand everything that encompasses winemaking. Many wineries and vineyards, such as Finca Antigua, Finca Montepedroso or Finca Valpiedra offer visits with multiple activities ideal for all wine lovers.

Finally, a nice tasting notebook, personalized and dedicated, is always a good option. So he can take note of all the information about his favorite wines and, in the meantime, remember you.

Can you think of any other ideas to make a perfect gift for wine lovers?

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