Wine tourism, the best alternative for the Easter vacations

This year, when Easter is celebrated in mid-April, it is quite likely that good weather will accompany our days off. A great option to spend a few days in contact with nature, while immersing ourselves in the world of wine, is to practice wine tourism. If you are a wine lover, you will be able to increase your knowledge about everything related to this field, and if you are not so much, you will surely love to discover the details of this exciting hobby, while enjoying a privileged environment.
Wine tourism is, in short, quality tourism that enables fluid contact between visitors and professionals, so that wine enthusiasts can learn about all aspects of wine cultivation, production and storage. Thus, visits to the wineries become integral experiences during which outdoor activities are carried out, the peculiarities of the environment in which the estates are located are explained, the grape varieties grown and the care required by each vineyard are detailed, etc.
Martínez Bujanda Family
we offer our visitors a complete and varied offer, through which they will be able to know in depth our estates and their characteristics, as well as to discover all the details involved in the grape growing and the elaboration of our wines.
Each of our estates is located in a different wine region and all of them reflect the particularities and essence of the terroirs in which they are located.
Finca Antigua
Located in the municipality of Los Hinojosos (Cuenca), in the middle of the Don Quixote Route, it can be reached in less than an hour and a half by car from Madrid. The modern winery building, the result of an avant-garde and efficient architecture, is an example of adaptation to the landscape and respect for the environment.
During this Holy Week, our winery offers
different experiences
to our visitors:
The “Lagarto Ocelado”,Abubilla”, with a 4×4 route through the vineyard, “3 tapas 3 wines”, or the “El Palomar” visit, which includes a cold lunch paired with one of Finca Antigua’s best wines.
In addition, visitors can customize their visit throughout the year.
Valpiedra Estate
It is the only winery in Rioja belonging to the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España and is located in a meander of the Ebro River, with its vineyards distributed in three terraces that go down to the river itself. If there is a wine-related region in Spain, it is La Rioja, and Finca Valpiedra reflects all the viticultural background of Rioja wines.
During this Holy Week, our visitors can enjoy the different activities that we offer.
that we put at your disposal: visit “Model”which includes a tasting of two wines; “Tasting in barrels”tasting of two varietals from the barrel; visit “On the banks of the Ebro River”.with route and picnic in the vineyard; “Grandes Pagos de España”.visit in honor of the Pago concept with wine tasting of wines from other regions; and the visit to the “Petra de Valpiedra”We will be present to know the latest novelty of our winery.
Also during the rest of the year, visitors can customize their visit.
Montepedroso Farm
In this winery we only produce Verdejo, a representative wine of the Rueda D.O. and its location coincides with the center of this wine region. Built with local materials, the winery blends in perfectly with its surroundings.
Visitors can enjoy the various
We offer you, for example, the “Montepedroso” visit , with commented tasting of three wines, “Maridaje 3 vinos 3 quesos”, and the visit “with vertical tasting”, in which visitors can learn about wines from three historical vintages of our wine.

Contact with our farms and consult the schedules.
. Our estates are the best option for all those who are looking to immerse themselves in the world of wine this Easter.

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