Petra de Valpiedra, a wine with all the flavor of ancient Rioja

Sometimes, looking to the past can lead to an innovative attitude. The passage of time causes irremediable changes and evolutions, but having our history as a reference prevents us from losing the compass of the essence of the wines we make, which are the legacy of our winemaking tradition that goes back five generations.
For this reason, with
Petra de Valpiedra
we wanted to pay a well-deserved tribute to the wines of the old Rioja, when Garnacha was the most widely grown variety and most Rioja wines were made with this grape.
In addition, this tribute to tradition is especially dedicated to our grandmother Petra, who together with our parents instilled in us the values that we still maintain today, transferring to our present all the value of the history that a region like Rioja transmits through its prodigal winemaking past.
Although the use of the Garnacha grape has been declining, there was a time when it was the queen of Rioja vineyards. However, during the 20th century its prominence declined because other varieties, such as Tempranillo, posed fewer difficulties for its cultivation and gave higher yields.
Garnacha was one of the components of the unmistakable flavor of Rioja wines, and from
Finca Valpiedra
we wanted to recover this variety and give it the relevance it deserves. For this purpose, we have used the technique of over-grafting on old vines from the experimental vineyard of Finca Valpiedra, grafted with buds from centenary vineyards. The result is a wine of great aromatic and gustatory complexity, with all the flavor of the most authentic Rioja.
Petra de Valpiedra displays a wide range of fruity aromas with light notes of oak, toffee and vanilla that invite consumption. One of its most outstanding characteristics is the long and intense flavor it leaves in the mouth, which combines with a fresh entry, making it a wine that makes you want to try again.
Tradition is the center and driving force behind the activity of the Martínez Bujanda family, a saga dedicated for 130 years to the production of wines that faithfully represent the spirit of each terroir. Wines like Petra de Valpiedra, a heartfelt tribute to a bygone era in which we are inspired to dream the wines of the future.

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