A different Christmas present: Finca Valpiedra and Finca Antigua Barrel Clubs

Christmas is just around the corner and as well as making plans with friends and family, it is also time to plan festive meals and think about gifts for loved ones. For some years, Familia Martínez Bujanda has been offering a very interesting option; membership of the Finca Valpiedra Barrel Club or the Finca Antigua Barrel Club.

These clubs were created in 2005; they offer our customers the opportunity to purchase a whole barrel (300 bottles), a half barrel (150 bottles) or a quarter barrel (72 bottles) as well as enjoy the numerous benefits with which we reward our member’s loyalty.

The wines available via our clubs are exclusive and are the personal selection of our Technical Director, Lauren Rosillo, of the best wines from each harvest.  These particular wines cannot be found in the shops and are only available at the bodega. In fact, the traditional ‘Reserva’ classification that appears on Spanish wine labels as an indication of quality originally referred to an ancient custom that wine producers and harvesters in the Rioja region labelled these wines as such in order to keep the best batch of wines for their own personal consumption.

That same ‘Reserva’, understood to be the selection of the best wines of each year, is that which our winemaker, Lauren Rosillo, selects for the 30 and 36 barrels that we offer exclusively in our Finca Valpiedra and Finca Antigua barrel clubs, respectively.

In our eagerness to continue innovating, we have seen the opportunities that our barrel clubs offer; such as individual gifts of quarter, half and whole barrels, a gift which is not consumed immediately and lasts for an entire year or more. Of course this is also an ideal option for corporate gifts, amongst other benefits; it enables personal labelling for gifts for employees or customers.

Home deliveries are free in mainland Spain; as such members will receive batches with the option of leaving a few bottles at the winery so as to enjoy them when visiting with friends. In this respect, belonging to the club opens up the possibility of holding business meetings or gatherings with friends at our wineries, to both companies and individual members.

The wines of Familia Martínez Bujanda are wines that transmit a landscape.  Our advice, in addition to enjoying them by the bottle is, where possible; to learn about our wines, understand why we use sustainable wine growing practices, our respect for nature and the privileged places where we grow our vines. In this respect, there is nothing better than coming to visit us and enjoying exclusive wines such as those of the Familia Martínez Bujanda barrel clubs.

(*) Click here to discover all of the benefits of being members of our barrel clubs.

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