Christmas pairings

We are on the eve of such important dates as Christmas, in which the tables become the protagonists to celebrate with our families and loved ones these special dates. The great variety of foods that we will be tasting these days opens up almost infinite possibilities for pairing with different types of wine and, even if it is only to offer some basic brushstrokes, we propose these lines to guide our followers and customers in the most appropriate choice.

is a French term from which the word maridaje derives, with which we seek harmony between wines and dishes. In any case, and especially as far as gastronomy is concerned and enology, almost everything is yet to be discovered and in fact we have seen in recent years how great chefs from all over the world have broken stereotypes, especially with the research of molecular cuisine, to the point of developing a harmony between concepts that are a priori antagonistic in what has been called pairing by contrast. But, as we do not intend to complicate our lives too much, we are going to propose some basic rules to achieve an overall harmony with traditional Christmas dishes.

As a main rule, we must bear in mind that acid (white wines) calls for acid, while tannins (reserves and structured wines) require fat and sweetness also calls for sweetness: hence the generalized theory that whites go best with fish and some white meats, while reds are for red meats and sweet or semi-sweet wines for desserts, although, as with everything in life, there are always nuances and exceptions.

Montepedroso Verdejo Estate
: It will go well with appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, with vegetables, seafood, fish…, but the characteristics of our Rueda wine, with its aging in tank on its own lees, make it a white wine with volume and structure, so we also dare to recommend it with white meat roasts and smoked dishes so common at this time of the year.

Finca Antigua Aging and Cycles
If the choice goes for our Finca Antigua wines, the advice is to pair them with white and red meats, but also with tasty and fatty fish, such as turbot and salmon for example, or with medium cured cheeses.

Finca Antigua’s single-varietal winesThe different grape varieties with which they are elaborated, open up countless pairing fans, from the most delicate ones (grenache, tempranillo and merlot), which go better with lighter meats (white, but also red), medium cured cheeses and some fish, to the more powerful and structured ones such as the cabernet sauvignon, syrah or petit verdot for the most consistent meats and roasts, as well as more mature cheeses.

Cantos de Valpiedra
If the choice is Rioja, our Cantos goes perfectly with both white and red meats, although not excessively fatty, and of course with intense fish, legumes and rice dishes with meat.

Valpiedra Estate
We go up a notch in structure with our Rioja Reserva and our Finca Antigua plot wine, so baked lamb, suckling pig, big game dishes and all kinds of red meats will be good companions. Intense stews and all kinds of cheeses will also find in Finca Valpiedra and Clavis the best allies. These wines are a perfect accompaniment to after-dinner drinks, even after coffee.

Finca Antigua Moscatel Naturalmente Dulce (Naturally Sweet Muscatel)
We could not forget one of the most versatile wines for Christmas tables. Our muscatel, besides being a dessert in itself, pairs perfectly with all kinds of fruits and sweets, but it is also a perfect accompaniment to appetizers such as duck foie gras, cured cheeses and other dried fruit appetizers.

Whichever option you choose, Familia Martínez Bujanda would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas.

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